Cheapest Raised Garden Bed $39 for 8′x10′ Bagster from waste management . Cheapest most affordable Raised Gardening Bed in the world. I bought mine at ho…

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  1. Good Luck with the garden Evan. I put up 2 raised beds made from hemlock rough cut wood. More work than I should have done. All natural ‘dirt’, but I also have a critter problem, will probably have to build a fence around the beds.

  2. I wonder what his parents do..

  3. It seems like a woven polyester.

  4. What material is the Bagster-Bag made of exactly?

  5. Awesome, I will check this out for sure!!

  6. Also the main thing they talk about in the movie is covering the ground. If you have the ground covered in won’t dry out, so Evan you won’t have to water it.

  7. have you seen Back to Eden? talk about master gardening! i think you would really enjoy it, he uses the same principles that the 811 lifestyle is founded upon: natural, simple, basic, abundant, easy, sustainable. its free online if you ever want to check it out :D