Sweet Million Cherry Tomato plants are loaded. We usually get between 300 to 500 cherry tomatoes per plant. The plus 100 degree days without rain for the las…
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  1. I watched it and like what you did. I can’t imagine how much time it would take to water your garden by hand. My garden is small enough it doesn’t take much time so I will wait until it gets bigger before I put in a irrigation drip hose.

  2. Thank you sir! I have about 80 developing tomatoes but they’re all still green so I’ll be patient. I’m going to let them grow until about 8 feet tall then prohibit them from growing any higher..if I had the kind of land you do I’d let them reach high into the sky :) This season was a test batch outside because I face to the northeast and barely get direct sunlight, but those beauties are growing just as happily, and it’s probably better for them to be in shade so they dont get scorched.

  3. Angel: Did you watch the two video I did on my irrigation system a couple weeks ago?

  4. Cont: Indeterminate tomatoes produce tomatoes on each 3rd leaf from the bottom. Carefull where you cut. People in northern climates in order for the green tomatoes lower on the vines to ripen late in the season will top their plants so all the energy goes into the remaining tomatoes. It is not a bad idea to top any tomato plant about a month before frost to try and get more ripe tomatoes lower on the plant. I watched your video and they look very healthy. Rotate the container 90 degrees a week.

  5. Since you have Sun Gold a hybrid orange tomato it is an indeterminate tomato plant. It will produce flowers until the first frost. The can grow up to 14 feet with almost no trouble in the grouind with good soil. In a container like you have them in they should make 8 to 10 feet easily. They can be staked using 1 to 3 (1/2″ dia. at base) bamboo stakes tied like a tepee. You can cut them off to control the height and the bottom stems will continue to grow longer and the plant will become bushy.

  6. It is reported to be a very good cherry tomato. If the package says Nano it is a dwarf type tomato plant. I believe it is a heritage tomato so you could save the seeds. Good luck! Let me know how they make fruit.

  7. Thank you.  I shall shake gently the plants then – I only have 9 plants but taking great care of them.

    The cherry tomato I bought is called Ciliegia Red Cherry – from Italy.

  8. Cont: tomato. Every seed in a tomato has to be pollinated to become a perfect shaped tomato. Since the pollen is in the bottom of the flower and the part that needs to be fertilized is sticking out of the top of the flower when the wind blows it will shake the pollen over the part sticking out of the tomato which become the actual tomato. You can gently shake the plant several times a day usually in the afternoon to aid in pollination. The bumble bees will vibrate the flower to get the pollen.

  9. There are a lot of flying insects beside bees than can pollinate your tomatoes. Bumble bees do it the best because of their size. They can shake the plant while gathering pollen. Tomato plants can pollinate themselves because they had perfect flowers. A male and a female part. They do it poorly. For a bumble bee to get the pollen it must fold back the leaves to get to the pollen and it transfers pollen from other flowers while doing this onto the center portion of the flower which become a

  10. I have some cherry tomatoes plants on the balcony and no bees. Will I still get tomatoes?

  11. check out my outdoor update video if you like. I’m on a balcony so is there a way to top the plant once it reaches a certain height so it can’t grow any higher? Once the winter comes and kills the plants should I throw away the soil and start fresh next season? Thanks!

  12. They need as much light as they can get and the sun is the best light. What you want is a lot of roots to grow large plants with a lot of fruit. We have had rain several times a week for the last 4 months and it was a struggle to keep them from getting soaked and enough sunshine. I did videos last year and this year on what I do to grow the tomato plants. I just finished planting ours for this season. Check out my playlist and watch the videos on tomatoes. Thanks for watching.

  13. wow, good plants i cant wait till mine get like that. I live In Canada so we hav not had many sunny days yet., any tips?

  14. I just started mine, got 2 plants for the first time, any tips? It gets lots of sun

  15. Angel: We just got home from our river cottage. I did a video on all of the parts to our irrigations system and what ours looks like. Hope to get it up in the next two days. My bride and I did too much the last 3 days and were are tried.

  16. I have been doing it for a long time. We finally got 39 tomato plants and a few cuke seeds in our garden this weekend. My body tells me it does not like all of the work I have been doing.

  17. u are great gardener! : )

  18. I just added an irrigation playlist to my channel site. It contains two videos I did last year. I hope to install the irrigation system this week end and I will have a video up next Tuesday about it after the holiday. One was done on 5-20-12 and the other was done on 9-28-12. Go to my home page and clip playlist.

  19. I will do one when I set mine up this year in a week or two.

  20. I Iuse drip irrigation to water all of my garden. It is costly but it last for years. I still use lines that I bought over 20years ago. I use Submatic products. The aphids you force off your plants with water will not return. Others may and you might have to repeat hosing them off. I had millions on 6 or 7 plants a couple of years ago and I blew them off with the hose and a LOT of water. Sevin dust is a broad based product and kills both good and bad bugs. I only use it as a last resort.

  21. Do you have a video on how to make your own drip irrigation?

  22. I am bad about wanting to water in the evening. Will the aphids just jump back on the plants after you spray them off? I have tried soapy water and it got rid of the aphids but also the plants. I guess I left it on too long (all night). If worse comes to worse I will have to use seven dust and I sure don’t want to use chemicals. I just bought a water wand yet the plants are still so close to the ground that it is difficult not to get the leaves wet. Not sure how to make a drip irrigation.

  23. Angel: You do not want Tomato leaves to be wet after he sun goes down. Diseases will form on tomato leaves that are continously wet. We cannot help it when it rains at night. Tomato plants should ALWAYS be watered at the base of the plant and a overhead sprinkler should never be used. You can use a 4′ wand on you hose to do this. Since tomato plants are suceptable to leaf damage from wet leaves it is important to not add water to their leaves when you do not have to. I use drip irrigation.

  24. Angel: The ants farm the aphids for the nectar they produce. Get rid of the aphids and you get rid of the ants. The best way to get rid of aphids is to wash them off the plants with water. High pressure from a hose nozzle will take care of them. They do not come back. If a few do wash them off again. Pressure should not be so strong as to damage the leaves or stems on the plant. I assume you are talking about tomato plants with aphids. Do it early in the day so the sun can dry out the plant.

  25. One more thing, I’ve got these little tiny black aphid farming ants in my garden and lots of aphids, do you have any suggestions on how to deal with the ants and aphids?