China Wants to Grow Vegetables on Mars

China working on research to grow vegetables on Mars. With Mars rover curiosity’s success, MARS seems to be the hot new destination for space exploration. Ch…

25 Responses to “China Wants to Grow Vegetables on Mars”

  1. Too late, China! We’ve got LOADS of vegetables! Just look at our midterm
    election results!

  2. this is the stuff we should have been doing all long i hope it works and
    sign me up

  3. God Bless the Chinese enemy,they steal our technology,take what they
    want.Out source us in the market place,sell us all there garbage,and you
    know to who the wal-marts the k-marts the 99 cent stores the harbor
    freight’s and the pet food stores,and that’s just a few to mention.They get
    richer and our people just keeping scratching there heads and wonder why we
    have poor,the greatest country in the world? with poor in the street’s and
    families losing it all,not so good anymore for so many American’s. The
    chinese are a selfish and diabolical people,as well as the slaver’s of
    there weak and innocent.And we let it happen,or should I say our political
    machine allow’s all of this to come into our Country.They become superior
    and we become inferior.Instead of our future back in outer space and our
    people working,we wait for them to take further actions as we sit and do
    nothing.Read between the lines folks.China is becoming superior and we as
    Americans are going down the drain.The real enemy is China.Keep
    tweeting,keep text messaging,that seems to be the trend with our young as
    well as our old, just like the ostrich,our heads in the sand.Science should
    be our major concern as well.God Bless America let our people be the ones
    planting on mars and looking to the stars once again not this enemy.A
    former soldier

  4. MagnesiumEnterprise Reply February 14, 2015 at 12:57 pm

    Just don’t piss off the extraterrestrials that reside there by exploding
    any nuclear weapons on the surface or in the subsurface of Mars.