Cinder Block Raised Beds So far I hav…

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  1. I will do that, A quick internet search said that the nicotine sulfate used in pesticides was not the same as the nicotine you would get from the plant itself – but your tip definitely deserves research, You may have saved my bees from myself…. Thanks

  2. I think I heard that tobacco is a natural pesticide for bees.
    Might want to check on that.

  3. We used blocks as a border around our side yard garden, romaine lettuce grows real well in the block holes, especially in your shaded areas….

  4. do not do marigold
    assylum or other herb
    like cilantro or some green onion
    marigolds bring bugs to your tomato
    i just read about it few weeks ago before
    putting my tomato in

  5. i have the cinder block garden
    however i dug under 2 ft first
    look like i was digging graves in the backyard
    put down lots of material from my own yard leaves and compost
    worked out great
    planning many more
    soon as this old body moves me
    well done!

  6. About 2 min with a diamond file fixed the problem an alittle aluminum black hid the fix. But id never known there was a problem if I hadnt done my normal procedure of firing it after cleaning.

  7. I thought you did good on it I posted on it also. Its amazing how many times Ive seen that in the last few years. My moms brought me her revolver last night cause she let a friend borrow it for a rang day with his kids so I stripped it and cleaned it then a quick test fire and it would fire 4 out of 9 rds. I found light primer strikes so on close inspection there was a ding where it had been dropped and it was restricting the hammer from fully engaging the transfer bar.

  8. cool, I took your advice and did the video on the NCIC checks – but it went LONG….

  9. Ive got a friend I need to introduce you to. He has a major in horticulture and a miner in micro bio.

  10. Good garden planning, Jalapenos are pronounced halapenos, i heard somewhere that tomatoes do not like tobacco at all!

  11. Great, I think that would be a great class for the wife and I to take.

  12. we took the class from Paula Butler in Gallatin. She owns Standing Stone Farm (Nubian Goats).
    i will email you her phone number as I do not know if she wants it published or not.

  13. I am working with a great new range in Clarksville TN to see if we can have some prepper classes in that area. I am also working with a new publisher on my 52 projects book, I am working toward getting the contract to help fund a “book tour” but visiting all these prepper confrences instead of bookstores. Where did you take the cheese class? I have heard of a place in Middle TN that does is, but I haven’t had time to check it out yet.

  14. thanks, really enjoying your posts. still would like to have a survivor seminar if you ever have the time. also, my wife and I have some good recipes for home made goat cheese and mozzarella cheese (we took a class).

  15. You know I did but the cinder blocks, but I used cardboard because I had a bunch left over from moving, and it got moist so was unusable as boxes. Landscape paper would have been easier, and black plastic would propbably have left me with slightly less weeds. As for making, I have a set of plans for a cinder block machine, and would have made them myself if my wife would have let me try, and I had room for the finished machine. My basement is full, and so is my storage building I rent…

  16. not a buyer?  dadgummit, here I went and thought he bought those cinderblocks and topsoil!
    the width of the cinderblock garden is perfect for landscape paper or black plastic as most of this is sold in 3 foot widths.

  17. I had never thought of cinder blocks for raised beds. Brilliant idea! Thanks for the video. It’s going in my favorites so I can refere back to it!!!

  18. Great job planning for your skills. The bigger the garden you have, the more time you have to spend in it per day/week.

  19. He’s a DIYer though, not a go buy er. =) Cardboard works good and composes well.

  20. Recommend using landscape paper rather than the cardboard for weed prevention.

  21. That would be a good idea too, but with your knowledge on different things you would have no problems bartering your brain power. There are going to have to be leaders and you would definitely fit that category. Good luck!!

  22. I forgot I talked about tobacco, that was an experiment – it failed – the tobacco sprouted but failed to thrive. I figure that if I could grow and cure tobacco, if we ever had an economic collapse, or commercial tobacco farming ever faltered due to regulation I could barter it for other needs.

  23. Oh you got me wrong. I think what you did is absolutely amazing. What I was saying was why plant tobacco, etc. instead of food for your family? I love what you did. I wish I had a level spot to do even half of that but my garden was all in buckets this year and I didn’t get anything from it. So if I had that space I would plant so much food I would be canning for weeks. LOL Oh btw, I don’t have a green thumb either. It is totally black, brown, and blue. :)

  24. Well, I will learn about biointensive because of you. Thanks for the tip.

  25. I know it will be nice and uniform, but companion plant next too and mixed with the tomato and pepper plants, its all about the roots. The basil changes, adds flavor to the the tomato through the roots, so no benefit if in the cinders. sq ft works great, but roots never grow in a square, in the outer empty spots between the tomatos is where to plant the comp plants. Biointensive gardening is just the next step to sq ft. I have learned much from you, and my kids love blender pancakes due to you