Claire’s Allotment – episode 200!

A very special 200th episode! Celebrate the 10th Annual World Naked Gardening Day with Claire… There’s more on my (fully-clothed) blog: http://clairesallot…

25 Responses to “Claire’s Allotment – episode 200!”

  1. you should do every episode in the nuddy

  2. love the Vid :) 

  3. I appreciate your humor. And that you garden.

  4. Ha ha. Think i will take up this gardening game ,, looks fun. Seriously ,
    great video as always.

  5. I applaud you – made me smile, never thought gardening could be so
    interesting – especially naked.

  6. ha ha!

  7. As a potter who loves flowerpots(and the history of horticultural wares )I
    was very happy to see some of your collection (pottery) . Happy gardening
    , yours Guy 

  8. haha nice vid 

  9. Waaaaaaahahahaha!!!!! TOO FUNNY NOT TO SHARE! Although I would never

  10. Lol. Funny.

  11. Love it!

  12. Richlyista | Girl of the Forest Reply February 18, 2014 at 8:04 am

    So delightful – so sweetly pure and free spirited! LOVE your humor and
    ability to just be you and present with not a fear to the world. Your
    allotment videos are always a joy to watch. Thank you! :D 

  13. id plant something alright =)) 

  14. what on youtube dumb ass

  15. Brill`, really made me smile. what a “lovely” lady you are……

  16. nice……………………….

  17. Claire,your best video :-)

  18. we have naked chef, why not naked gardening

  19. Has anyone else tried naked gardening?

  20. Naked gardening day

  21. lmao well i guess it take a bit to beat that

  22. I would love very much to check out your very large melons with the pots

  23. No but my son noticed that the greenhouse was steaming up and that your
    views went sky high, so put the outtakes and lets watch the fun, much more
    interesting than vegetables.

  24. very itll be alright on the night 24hrs 916 views already charlie dimnock
    eat your heart out (lets make claire world famous share on facebook twitter
    ect) as i did !! ENGLISH ECCENTRICNESS :-p