Companion Planting Okra and Amaranth to Prevent Animal Damage

Companion planting okra and amaranth to prevent animal damage. I guess you could call amaranth a trap crop for deer and groundhogs as they seem to prefer ama…

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  1. Showing results of #companionplanting #okra and #amaranth in the
    #communitygarden. Amaranth acted as a #trapcrop to keep #deer and
    #groundhogs from eating the okra pods. #garden #gardeningtips

  2. Hey one of my favorite is to pick the okra young before it gets full size .
    Raw okra right off the plant is in my top 10 eats . If they get to long
    they can’t be eaten fresh . Eat with a sandwich !

  3. I had a similar problem, not only with Okra, but beans, eggplant, lettuce…
    I spent less than 30 dollars to fence off using deer net, a plot the size
    of 64ft by 200ft.

  4. Thanks, dude. Our deer club is also our bug out location, so we try to
    plant stuff that attracts deer, and is edible to us. Amaranth sounds like
    it would be easy to perpetuate, too. I’ll check out nativeseeds, for sure.

  5. thanks for sharing ,,all the best kenny

  6. I love the idea of this. if only I had a green thumb

  7. You’re welcome. Okra is one of my favorite veggies.

  8. Thanks alot. Luv the okra ;-) Take care-Debbie

  9. It was just by accident I discovered this, had amaranth and okra and only
    one spot to plant em.

  10. Gardening in Norway Reply August 13, 2014 at 2:04 am

    I like this companion planting series! :) Never heard of anyone growing
    okra or amaranth here. I suppose the summer`s too short and cold night
    temperatures. It could also be that people never tried it here. Could be
    fun to give it a shot next season. Cheers, Halvor.

  11. Hi Wayne, companion planting is something I’ve always been interested in
    since I started gardening. I just recently started actively trying
    different plant combinations to see if there is a relationship that is
    beneficial to the garden as a whole. Many of the plant combos do provide
    positive results in the garden and it seems to be a more pleasant place to
    spend time with all the insects and birds that are attracted by the variety
    of plants, it seems a more natural and inviting place.

  12. I should have said plant on the South side of a wall or hill, so they would
    get more sun and heat reflecting from the wall.

  13. My amaranth never amounted to anything because of the deer, but it did help
    keep the deer away from the okra.

  14. This is a nice idea Roosevelt. I don’t know much about companion planting
    but I’ve been learning more and more that it’s necessary and NEED to get
    some research done on the topic. Very interesting! Wayne

  15. Maybe get some companion okra and venison happening in the same pot. Thanks
    for the vid

  16. Interesting. Thanks for sharing.

  17. You’re welcome!

  18. Glad your garden did well this year. Mine did pretty good too.

  19. I will try that

  20. My okra never gets very tall either, if it grows at all. Just curious, did
    the amaranth have enough room to mature? I seen where you were able to
    harvest amarath before (i think it was wild) but i thought it needed lots
    of space.

  21. Thanks, I’ve met a few folks, after making this video, who do real well
    with okra in Michigan. I had to go and open my big mouth just enough to
    stick my foot in it. :)

  22. ASARULUDU BANMASKIM Reply August 13, 2014 at 9:24 am

    I love okra GOT TO TRY IT thanks

  23. We had a big deer problem with the okra. We had lots of pods but then the
    deer discovered the leaves, but It was near the end of the season before
    they figured it out. We may have to try the amaranth, good idea.

  24. You’re welcome Kenny.

  25. You’re welcome Rick. I’m hoping next season will be a better one
    weatherwise. have a new garden to tend now in a whole new area of the state.