Compost Tea for the vegetable garden -October 2010 — Growing a vegetable garden

Brewing compost / worm cast tea for your vegetable garden is easy. Visit The Bayou Gardener in Avoyelles Parish Louisiana – Cajun Country at
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  1. @swanz199 … When making a big batch (55 gals.) I’ll cut it 2 parts water and 1 part tea…..Donald

  2. Thanks Donald. Another Great Video. Do you dilute the tea before applying to garden?

  3. @charlie000111 … : ) …..Donald

  4. @jdizzilicious … : ) Donald

  5. mmovvee caat priceless lol, great video

  6. MOVE CATTTTT!!!!!!!!

  7. @poojkhgf …We use onions, peppers and sometimes celery…..Donald

  8. @webcajun ok I’ll remember that, and no milk, any herbs?

  9. @poojkhgf …When browning the meat allow it to stick to the bottom of the pot just a little then scrape the goodies off the bottom when you add water. If you did it right it should be a nice brown color with lots of flavor…..Donald

  10. I could never be your friend as I can’t make gravy either – how do YOU make gravy, Video?

  11. @jjdillion0919 … There’s always a couple of em running around getting into trouble. : ) …..Donald

  12. get out the way little

  13. @sly2kusa … It seams to really help…..Donald

  14. I likes it for growin’ dem Peppers!

  15. @jamisonbrooks … On average I brew about twice a month. Once a week is good……Donald

  16. About how often do you brew compost tea. I do mine about once a week should I do more or less.

  17. @Hectorsgarden1 … I’ve got all kinds of little bugs running around in my bin. They don’t appear to hurt anything so I really don’t worry about it. When you feed the worms bury the stuff deep and it may help keep the bugs out……Donald

  18. @Webcajun i have my worm bin started in a rubbermaid bin. Its going great but i am starting to see very tinny bugs runnung around the bin. Inside and out is that normal and what?

  19. @mrabuckten …It works……..Donald

  20. great video
    i am going to use this method

  21. I like any kind of gravy!

  22. @BigTexWorms …LOL……Donald

  23. Excellent video. Come on though, you just cant beat cream gravy! Here in Texas its a staple.

  24. @Hectorsgarden1 …not knowing how big your worm bin is I’m thinking you have too much to feed em. I’d say freeze it till you need it……Donald

  25. @ Webcajun I have been saving my food scraps for about a month now i have been getting scrapes from my family as well. I have 3 five gallon buckets of scrapes now and i just got my worms in there bin. Whats the best way to put up the scrapes? Should i freeze it or just leave it in the buckets?