Container Gardening: Bare Root Cherry Tree

Patti, the Garden Girl, puts dwarf fruit trees into her patio container garden. Check out my Container Drainage Video for more info. Subscribe to Patt’s free…
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25 Responses to “Container Gardening: Bare Root Cherry Tree”

  1. This is Awesome.. Love it!!!

  2. If you want to see nice red cherry and green leaf color check out my cherry
    trees I have, check my video on Youtube to see.

  3. WOW, I was just getting ready to ask that. I was thinking maybe it could go
    into a garage or warmed area, even if its dark. Just barely water to keep
    alive. This would most likely be ok. Slowly bring it to light in spring.
    Anyone have confirmations that this will be fine?

  4. Do you need to drill drainage holes?

  5. Fun to watch!

  6. Can you grow Ranier Cherries in containers then put them in the ground a
    few years later? (I’ll be renting for 2-3 years and plan on buying a home
    after. I would like my cherry trees to get a head start since it takes a
    few years for them to fruit)

  7. I think they like cold, not sure. But if not, bring it inside in the
    winter, then slowly bring back out in spring. That way they can continue
    being container plants.

  8. Patty, Thanks for sharing! I never would have thought to use a meatal trash
    can! You can move it around, even take it with you if you have to relocate!
    Very smart!

  9. would this work for dwarf apple trees. And if so would i ever need to my

  10. :) kind look like one of my friend in one of the pictures :) love the vid

  11. Awesome. I think ya failed to mention that ya need to drain holes in the
    bottom for drainage…. I know this, but the beginner might not. No holes
    will geow mold. I have some peppers planted next to each other. I think
    they cross pollinated, and I have a new pepper… Great Video!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Don’t forget the Super-Thrive! It’ll help the plant recover from the shock
    of transplant. It’s organic, too!

  13. I love the garbage can idea. I have seen people stack old rubber tires to
    make a container too.

  14. Patty – Good video. I just planted a Meyer lemon in a container. I put it
    on a small platform with wheels so I can bring it into the garage when the
    temperature drops below freezing. Also lets me roll it under the patio
    cover if it’s getting too much rain. Thanks again for the great videos
    Nikki in Ponchatoula La

  15. Do you know how old those trees are?

  16. Stark Brothers sells great trees. I ordered cherry, pear and apple from
    them and the trees grew amazingly well compared to the crap trees I bought
    from Gurney’s Nursery. Love your garbage can idea. :)

  17. i have Fellowed your show for about 18 months I have enjoyed it greatly but
    here in florida it has not been good for gardening to hot dry out plants
    then flood them the next day plus the animals that just will not leave my
    plants alone

  18. Mohammad Al-Lawati Reply October 28, 2014 at 5:53 pm

    I have it in the sun at 35-45C… They are doing fine =P Maybe the verity
    can handle this…

  19. i planted a couple pineapple tops in a small 10 gallon container & placed
    it under my down spot to help me with watering it.

  20. does anyone know if the fruit tree does well in a plastic container, terra
    cotta or galvanized container?

  21. cherrie trees need cold weather. they call them chill hours. you should
    leave them out in the cold all winter. yes even in freezing cold.

  22. According to the Stark Brothers every fruit product they hold is difficult
    to grow in my area.

  23. excellent.

  24. What mix did you to plant your tree in and did you have to add any extra
    minerals to the soil. This is great thanks so much for posting.

  25. MyLittleGreenThumb Reply October 28, 2014 at 9:32 pm

    how long can the trees stay in the trash cans? will they become root bound?