Container Gardening: Container Herb Garden

Container gardening is a great way to grow plants, vegetables and herbs without needing a lot of space. Herbs do especially well and can be grown right outside your kitchen door. In this video, you’ll learn how to use an old farmer’s market basket to make a great container garden. Fill it with your favorite herbs and your cooking will be full of flavor all summer long.
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  1. There is an even easier way to grow your own fresh veggies and herbs. Its called The Bucket Garden. I have one in my back yard and love it! Ted Hallett, The Garden Master is taking the best of hydroponics gardening, organic gardening and has wrapped it up in a high bred container garden.

  2. That is so cool. I live in an apartment and have only a backporch balconly and front porch landing. This is perfect for that. Thank you so much.

  3. miracle grow is poison! but love the video

  4. …this doesn’t look like a good idea, diapers i assume aren’t exactly food safe, the white stuff just sounds dangerous, and the “soil” is basicly falling out of the basket…i mean this looks very nice, but it just seems like a diy superfund project

  5. love this vids, thx

  6. “In a week or so, this little container garden will have grown at least 6 inches” – Oh my gosh, really?! Not so in England!

  7. I stopped watching as soon as she said Miracle Grow.

  8. Glad you like it. Just poke plenty of holes for good drainage and you’ll have great tomatoes.

  9. I love your channel.This is my first year container/raised bed gardening.I just dont have the time to weed a big garden anymore.So far,so good.One tomato plant with blossom rot because of lack of drainage.I drilled some more holes,so hope it’ll clear up.

  10. We’ve had so much rain here in Ohio but I still managed to get a lot of my herbs that wintered over in the garage into the ground. Mother’s Day is the official day here.

  11. It is almost getting warm enough here in Colorado to start gardening. We usually plant after Mother’s Day to avoid a late frost. I like to use a raised garden as it is easier to get to and maintain.

  12. It is getting warm enough here in Colorado to start getting gardens going. Usually, not till after Mothers Day to avoid frost damagae.

  13. You can plant herbs in containers closer than you would in the ground since you may be harvesting them sooner due to the fact that you control how much sun, etc. they get. You’ll have to fertilize and water a bit more, though. The spacing is a personal thing – I use the French Intensive Method in my in-ground herb garden. Everything’s close together so it chokes out weeds.

  14. @NJGardengirl1961 Oh wow. Well organic gardening all the way :D

  15. Is it OK to plant this close together in the garden soil? I want lots of herbs, but thought they needed more space?…

  16. what is the reason to put a plastic bottom?

  17. WIll do later today. Oh and for Beca, I would wait until they get a bit larger before thinning out. The ones you thin out are great in salads, stir friees, etc.

  18. WIll do later today.

  19. Nice job on the video. Someone tuned me into this weed killer tool that is extremely useful and affordable, check it out – weedcaneDOTcom

  20. I have a question…I have a rabbit, and he eats herbs. They’re super expensive where I live, so I decided to plant my own for him…I planted Basil, Cilantro and parsley in pots in my window seal in our sunroom. It’s been about 4 weeks now and all are sprouting up everywhere, but I put down a thick layer of seeds all around the pot, so they’re sprouting up SUPER thick. Do I HAVE to thin them out? If so, how do I do that? they’re still small. I just don’t want to kill them :/


  21. It was info/ not what I was looking for

  22. Love the video – nothing like growing your own herbs!!

    My channel is all about the history and uses of herbs – great talking points while cooking!! :)

  23. nice job

  24. Boy am I hungry now for some fresh locally grown produce! Thanks for the video and enjoyed it. Grew up and own a 300 acre farm that I rent out and am a “pretend” farmer on to not interfere with my real estate job. But kids exposed to the farming end of growing up and it will stay with them for life.

  25. Nice clip,
    I used to grow acres of mint, love the herbs. They really are great medicine.