Container Gardening: Drip Irrigation

Patti Moreno, the Garden Girl, installs a drip irrigation system from in her container garden. Save, Water, Time and the Planet. SUBSCRIPE TO MY FREE MAGAZINE
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  1. smartestmanonnet Reply May 27, 2012 at 9:47 am

    God you’re sexy.

  2. guitarplayer4real Reply May 27, 2012 at 10:38 am

    In New Hampshire an entire city block was sickened when someone hooked a tanker full of pesticide to a hosebib. Reduced pressure down the line caused the pressure to decrease at the hosebib drawing the chemicals back into the potable water lines making everyone sick, many were hospitalized. 3 years ago a local high school had a heating and air tech out flushing antifreeze. The backpressure pushed the chem back into potable water, staff and kids got sick. think you’re cool or need education?

  3. guitarplayer4real Reply May 27, 2012 at 11:06 am

    Dude, you beat me too it. This is so dangerous these people applauding her cant even imagine. As a state backflow tester I’d have to report this immediately before everyone in the building got sick. WOW, I’m shocked that people who think this is great completely dismiss health laws that exist from a past history of backflow catastrophe’s. Dont even get me started, I hope this was caught and dealt with. I like the idea but you make water connections that are illegal and dangerous to public.

  4. Fail. Two things you did very wrong. No back flow preventer and the ez-flo injector couple is conmpletly installed the wroung way. It should be AFTER the manifold assembly

  5. Your video is good. You are very watchable but my my my my … for heaven’s sake, stop with the MYs. The word is THE. Say the tubing, the connector, the spigot, the tubing, … etc. You only need to use those possessive words when you are distinguishing between yours and someone else’s possessions. A little bit of the “my” stuff sounds friendly but overuse sounds … well, annoying. As annoying as reading this comment… get it?

  6. toffgooglification75 Reply May 27, 2012 at 12:33 pm

    nice ad!!! it amazing how your containers were set up to take so many different drip heads! is there a product you didn’t plug in the ad? you could have run a simple gravity drip system and used fertilizer granuls on the soil that last for weeks at a fraction of the cost! also it’s Herb not erb.

  7. nice one and very helpful too.

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  10. Hey gardengirl!Gave me some good ideas for drip irrigatin,thanks

  11. This is great! I have a patio that gets blasted by the sun and I was looking for some solutions to keeping everything from drying out. This looks pretty easy to do. I’m looking forward to getting it going for some vegetables this summer. Thanks for posting!

  12. Don’t forget to install a check valve (anti-reverse-flow vale) when using fertiliser injection. It could be unpleasant if the ferts were sucked back into the main household water system, as can happen in certain circumstances. It’s a legal requirement in some places.

  13. Your video production is awesome!

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  16. is that spagetti tubing? you might wanna have extra cuz i heard that spagetti tubes dont work too well. they get leaks easily and stuff. but the people who say that dont have patio gardens so it might work really well 4 you. anyway good luck!

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  18. You might think about editing the intro. Too long and unrelated visuals. Would also love to have that extra time to see the individual irrigation spigots at they are discussed and not just at the end. Thanks!

  19. This is really cool stuff, I’ve always wondered if there was a way that we could grow our own food is a fairly easy manner. You’ve got great ideas! Great recording!! Thanks!

  20. another good one Patti. im learning so much from the vids

  21. Great job and the host is nice too:). But somebody put some info where to get all this stuff

  22. This information is GOLDEN. With the rising cost of living, this video explains how to save money in the grocery department for people that have limited space for gardening/growing their own food. Wonderful job Patti.

  23. Very helpful.

  24. Hi, really enjoyed your video, looking forward to seeing many more.( stay green) And
    Thanks for the invite!

  25. haha “how do i grow herbs in small spaces” Grow some bud!! LOL