Container Gardening – growing potatoes

Growing Potatoes in a container garden is easy. This potato garden is filled with Idaho potato buds that were originally store bought from the supermarket, b…
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  1. 魔ヘッド demonhead Reply December 14, 2013 at 8:19 am

    Now I just need a big bucket, I planted some in a pot, have to move them
    into the soil soon.

  2. To maximize your yields, you start out with planting your slips in to
    several inches of good soil, covering them just barley. Let them grow a
    couple 3 to 4 inches, then start adding a little more dirt on top. Keep
    doing this and you’ll get a great yield. When your plant flowers and starts
    to will (probably 90 to 120 out), then your spuds will be ready to harvest.

  3. Have you done container gardening ?
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  4. Thanks… yes indeed it appears that you can successfully grow store-bought

  5. Hi, I have planted potatoe’s in a container the same size as yours, I am
    wanting to no when do you water? also how offten?

  6. This is a great idea. Did you just grow them inside then?

  7. How long will it take to harvest? Do you keep it under full sun?

  8. oops…

  9. Thanks.

  10. It seems that conventional store-bought potatoes are sprayed with a nasty
    chemical that prevents them from growing roots. (Do a YouTube search for
    “bud nip potatoes organic” to see an amazing demonstration). Using organic
    would be the best way to go since they are not sprayed. In fact, my local
    store’s produce manager told me they have trouble stocking organic potatoes
    because they grow roots so fast and then they can’t sell them. I avoid
    foods sprayed with chemicals that kill or slow life.

  11. what about watering them? How often do you water them? Also did u drill
    holes in the bottom of the container?

  12. I just watch Mel Video and he was saying to add soil as it goes up not the
    way you did it I hope it does well. I tried his way and I have 10 lbs of
    potateos and far sized. I am now growing more the way he said and I am
    going to try your way and see what happens. OR if it will make any

  13. In the ground is better if you want lots of potatoes. Buckets are easy for
    things like controlling the soil, smaller yards, setting on a deck, etc…

  14. @nc1nj2 lol, yes he’s my little curious helper. He has quite a personality ;) He even has his own blog — MyMiniDoxie

  15. All for buyng a good bag of potaoes from the store. I looked at potaoe
    seeds and they look like rgualar potaoes. The same goes for garlic. I am
    planting that now and I just took one garlic clove. My garlic is growing
    faster than any of my plants. When I plant my potaoes when is a good time
    to pick them?

  16. basic store brand potatoes are designed for mechanical harvest , therefore
    they put out most of their yield at one time , so they are not designed for
    hilling (adding soil along the stem to promote stolons/more potatoes).. so
    .. wrong potato , wrong technique.. I have no doubt you will get “some”
    potatoes .. but this is really not ideal at all.. there is a reason people
    recommend seed potatoes and specific varieties… many have tried this and
    many have failed ..including myself ..

  17. I had to click *LIKE* about :04 when your little buddy appeared! I just
    tried gardening for the first time this year and raised potatoes in
    containers also. I haven’t harvested them yet, so I don’t know the results,
    but I’m going to try mounding them like you described next year. I also
    just used potatoes from the grocery store: two containers of russets and
    one of reds.

  18. That is a good question! I clean the pot with a mixture of water and a bit
    of bleach to kill any parasites, etc. Thanks for bringing that up…

  19. Wondering if you got spuds in the additional layer of soil you added. I’ve
    read that only works with certain species of potatoes, that many types
    won’t send out additional tubers off the main trunk. What kind of wield and
    size did you get?

  20. No, I don’t think so. You’re better off to slice the potato and make
    several plants out of it for a higher yield.

  21. Maybe drill a holes a few inches up the sides to allow air in.

  22. I’m in the process of doing this for the first time. Thanks for posting
    this. It helped.

  23. Your little weenier is cute ;)

  24. BlueRoseRocketBand Reply December 14, 2013 at 8:03 pm

    whats better? bucket or in the ground. I got acres just going to waste.