Container Gardening : How to Plant Basil in Containers

Basil in containers is a great decoration for a the front porch of your home or even right outside a kitchen window. Plant basil in containers with help from…

10 Responses to “Container Gardening : How to Plant Basil in Containers”

  1. I’m so glad to see him working without gardening cloves. I have gloves! My
    hands don’t feel like mine when I’m wearing them, so I work barehanded; but
    everyone I know of works with gloves and I do feel like I’m kindda dirty
    for not wearing them. So nice to see professionals work barehanded too!!!

  2. Do they grow in full or partial sun?

  3. CheapskateGardener Reply August 8, 2014 at 3:51 pm

    great video you made ,, I love growing basil 

  4. Hello ! Thanks for this video. What kind of container do you use ?
    Perforated, not perforated ? I have one with a plastic net at the bottom
    which you can leave on or remove; can I use it for basil ? Thank you

  5. Glad to hear your basil is doing better. Basil, no z. Cheers ;)

  6. Love and Light to all. Do I need to check my dictionary for Love. I think
    not , thank you for the input anyway, but I was searching for info on my
    now thriving Bazil!!! Blessings:)

  7. Yes, you need to buy a dictionary.

  8. Milligan Favorites Reply August 8, 2014 at 6:15 pm

    Question: I am a newbie to gardening, so please be patient. When growing
    basil or any other herb in a pot, must we watch the nitrogen level of the
    soil? Do you recommend any good books to read up on growing herbs?

  9. Great video. It’s good that you actually showed how to replant. Thanks!

  10. My Bazil is loosing it’s smell and leaves are starting to droop. I will
    change to bigger pot but is there something else wrong?