Container Gardening, Sprouting & More at Hippocrates Health Institute

John from goes on a field trip to The Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, FL to share with you how they grow f…

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  1. i would imagine itd be as simple as ‘stepping’ certain areas, aka digging into the slope to create tiers of flatland as they do in asiatic countries

  2. hi John, I wonder why u use newspaper to cover the holes on your tray. Wouldn’t the poison from the ink be sucked up into the roots when watering? love this video. can’t wait to watch the upcoming videos.

  3. John & green friends: did you know that there will be a Plant-based Nutrition Healthcare Conference here in Naples, FL from October 26th to 30th at the Naples Beach Hotel. You do not have to be a healthcare professional to attend. This is the innaugural conference due to the widespread interest in reversing health problems by eating whole plant foods. Just wanted to let you all know. Great video here, again, John!

  4. I was intrigued, but after trying 17 times to get the video to play, I’ve moved on…sadly.

  5. John, I’ve learnt so much from Growing Your Greens since I discovered the videos. Thank you!

    You should do a video on how to grow on slope gardens. I have just under half an acre of land and it’s all slope… I want to convert the land to grow veggies and fruits. Any advice to grow on a slope?

  6. Doing all these for us for free, Thank you so much! May you live long and continue to be blessed. We need more people like you on the planet.

  7. Don’t know about beets being in the spinach family but I’m pretty sure that they are in the chard family.

  8. Does anyone know if Quinoa can be grown in a hydroponic, aeroponic or aquaponic type setup? A soilless setup.

  9. I will be attending HHI in October…can’t wait!

  10. How do I find out more about the sprouts grown on the mesh? I like this idea and think I can implement it well in my environment.

  11. Another awesome and educational video, John. Thank you very much. Greetings from Amsterdam.

  12. Container gardening is great! We enjoy your videos:)

  13. germinating mix or seed starter mix, if growing indoors try putting a layer of horticultural sand on top to stop mould and using tap water instead of rain water for your seeds will stop many diseases. Just leave water overnight before using. but for just sprouting seeds it depends on how big you want the plant to get, seeds have got a lot of energy to get them started off in life.

  14. What is the best starting medium to start seeds in?

  15. I find my raised bed soil levels go down every year. I figure it’s about the same amount as the plant material I haul off to compost. However, having the soil a bit lower helps protect young seedlings from strong winds and mild frosts. And I still have room to put a nice mulch layer down to help with the drought and sun. Since I’m on a budget, I use shredded tree from my neighborhood (composted with kitchen scraps) that are about a year old. Still kind of coarse, but it works for me.

  16. Wow! I haven’t been to Hippocrates in over 10 years! Great to see them growing all this stuff!

  17. I really like the video. I live in Florida,and between the rain, heat and some of the insect.
    it can be a pain but its worth it.

  18. Beet greens are amazing. Earthy and beet-y :D 

  19. One pound of Worms eat one pound of food per week, not per day.

  20. I was thinking how knowledgeable you are and how could you learn so much and remember so much and I decided the greens and healthy way you eat must have really nourished your brain. What a way to go! Keep it up, we love it. Love ya

  21. Thanks, John.
    Wish I could be there! What a great presentation you put on. Keep it up! Love ya.

  22. Start at 5’20″ if you want to skip the 5+ minutes of promotion.

  23. You go on the best field trips. I wish I could tag along.  Where did you learn all this stuff?

  24. John you should write a book. I can’t believe how much info you have . It’s like watching a living encyclopedia. and I’m only half way through the video.  I need to start taking notes when you talk.

  25. I’m sorry your arm is broken. I hope you’re feeling well. Are you ok?