Container Vegetable Garden

Here’s a look at my 2009 Container Vegetable Garden. I got my seeds from Bakers Creek Heirloom Seed Co. I got the inspiration from gardengirltv…please check out her page!

8 Responses to “Container Vegetable Garden”

  1. If you only eat fish, you’re considered pescaterian ;) nice video

  2. Container garden in terra cotta pot works well and don’t have to water often, get the bottom lid with it, clay has mineral and helps growth, check it out.

  3. Your enthusiasm is contagious! I am at home too planting my own container garden. I used the compost from my worm bin and the plants are growing crazy. Good job on your project. Everyone can grow something.

  4. Thank you! I love Baker Creek!!

  5. Baker seeds is great!! I like your carrots. Wonderful work!

  6. i’ll have to do a video of my garden for you! it so sad tho lol!

  7. I wish I could grow corn! Containers make things definately easier!!!

  8. good job! we’ve got a large garden at back, but hte only thing that wanted to grow was the corn. lol!! i shoulda put mine in containers too!!