Corn and garden update! Growing 65 corn plants in a 4 by 4 raised bed!

A quick look at the gardens progress and a up close look at the 65 corn plants growing in a 16 square feet raised bed!
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25 Responses to “Corn and garden update! Growing 65 corn plants in a 4 by 4 raised bed!”

  1. Nice, I wish I had that kind of space , men You are blessed to have all
    this sweet satisfaction to practically produce your own food, and healthy
    one. I hope any body who has this much space do the same as you men, god
    bless you for sharing all this.

  2. Ahhhh, George, your a man after my heart, LOVE a man that gardens and takes
    some pride in it. GO YOU!!

  3. Only 68 tomato plants in the ground? I don’t think you have enough!

  4. A beautiful garden, wow! I can tell you put a lot of work and love into it.
    You have a nice speaking voice, I enjoyed your commentary. Saving your own
    seed is the way to go, keep at it.

  5. Wow! Just Beautiful!!!

  6. Looks really nice, this will be my first year putting in a garden from
    scratch hopefully one day get a set up this nice going

  7. Beautiful !! I’m watching people’s gardens from last year since this
    winter will never end!!! Can’t wait to get to digging this year. Agree on
    the great speaking voice :-) 

  8. Any videos on how this turned out?

  9. How much corn did you yield from this garden?

  10. LOVE your garden, would you mind if I asked how you made your compost tea
    for the garden?

  11. Did you just use regular topsoil for the corn?

  12. Very nice garden, thank you for sharing. Your corn is amazing and you’ve
    given me an incentive to try growing them this summer. 

  13. I have always had a bad time growing corn!! I always would plant mine in
    rows on my hillside!! But couldn’t keep it standing?? After seeing yours
    Well I’m going to give your idea a try in 3 or 4 spots. Thanks George!!

  14. your garden looks awesome and thanks for all the good advise. I am going to
    try some of your ideas

  15. You sure have a green thumb! I love how much corn you can row in such a
    small area. I got a lot of really good ideas just watching your video.
    Thank You!

  16. Charm City Balcony Garden Reply April 16, 2014 at 5:55 am

    That first squash plant is ginormous! The corn patch is coming along really
    well. Can’t wait to see you harvest from it!

  17. Your garden looks just delicious! Great job. Your peaches look beautiful

  18. Great garden George! Do you keep everything you grow or do you sell some at

  19. I’m planning to plant corn when I get better. When I went to check my corns
    with the rain it is dying. I didn’t know that you can have so much corn in
    a small place, Great video George.

  20. So far so good! Hopefully I will have some to grill! Happy Gardening bruh!

  21. O no. I followed the instructions that they came with. My crowns are below
    the dirt. Could that be why they haven’t done anything?

  22. I decided to dig one up tonight and see what’s going on. The roots look
    exactly like they did when I planted them. No growth it’s like they are
    still dormant. I wonder if I should have soaked them first?

  23. You will do just fine! If the don’t come up let me know and I will pot up
    some of my runners and send them to you!

  24. The strawberry plants are huge and keep loading up with berries!  What
    zone are you in and how old are you strawberry plants? Happy Gardening!

  25. George, what part of the country are you in? Great job on your garden. love