Country Living 2 – Growing a Vegetable Garden

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24 Responses to “Country Living 2 – Growing a Vegetable Garden”

  1. Brilliant!

  2. hey donald i havent seen any videos of this years garden. i am from ky. my sister in law is from houma. we love to garden here also.

  3. I heard  you talking about armadillo digging up your new tree, up here in tn. we got them they seem to be digging up fire ant hills i dont know what else they do but that is a good thing.

  4. I’m pumping air through air stones in the bottom of the barrel……Donald

  5. What makes the compost tea bubble like that?

  6. … : ) ……Donald

  7. lucy is like, i know whats going on :) 

  8. … That is a possibility. : ) …..Donald

  9. I have to admit a 3 leged tom cat sounds good but wouldn’t a 3 legged Nutria or possum sound better?

  10. … I’m not too crazy about lots of stuff on TV either. I watch more news than anything else these days.

    The basic things in life are a lot more enjoyable to me. Family, friends, rocking on the front porch, petting the dogs, gardening, drinking a cool one now and then, etc. More people should try it, they’d be a lot better off……….Donald

  11. I rather watch your videos then most anything they have on TV. Thanks for the entertainment and education.

  12. … Hey Cris, when I do need to water it’s mostly done by hauling it on the golf cart. Okra and peas are only watered at planting time. The rest of the stuff is planted closer to the water hose so that’s not a problem. There were really no long dry spells this year so the garden did pretty good…….. Donald

  13. Love your videos. would like to see one on how You water your long rows. thanks Cris

  14. … check out my vids on canning…….Donald

  15. how to can food

  16. … I try to keep things as simple as they really are.  Glad you enjoy the videos……Donald

  17. Hey Donald!!! I’ve been watching your videos for quite some time now but this is my first comment, simply said, you’re video’s have become one of my favorite things to watch! You make gardening fun and you’re sharing your knowledge and experiences with all of us….and you incorporate it all with your wonderful sense of humor! Great work my friend!!!

    BTW, I think I could hear that ol’ three legged tom cat singing in the background, sounded like “Gimme Three Steps!” ;)

  18. funny bugger

  19. … thanks and glad you enjoy…… Donald

  20. lol~waitin for it to make shade…I hear ya!! Love your videos!

  21. … I’m slowly becoming a believer in the compost / worm cast tea……. Donald

  22. hahahah Donald you had me chuckling all over the place. Your new trees will look wonderful….one day. That compost tea looks awesome. My plants just love theirs. Happy Days.

  23. … Lucy is more popular than the videos. LOL…… Donald

  24. lol My dog does the same thing. She’s a camera hog. You would think she knows what it is. Every time I put the camera down she goes stand in front of it.