Crop Netting and Pole Beans – April 2010 – Growing a Vegetable Garden

Using crop netting to support your pole beans. Visit The Bayou Gardener in Avoyelles Parish Louisiana – Cajun Country at
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  1. good luckin stuff. what do you do with your excess vegetables? farmers market?

  2. Hi…… I enjoyed watching this. Strangely, I have never grown beans in Australia, where I grew up, however I was fascinated with your video, and I did learn some new information. Not sure that I will ever use it, but interesting nonetheless. I wish you only good cropping ! Ian, from Fukushima City, Japan.

  3. realy I njoy watching your video, i have intention to do some farms work in africa.
    have you ever try wheat or sorghum.

  4. Sure can……Donald

  5. Glad you enjoyed and you’re welcome……Donald

  6. This was beyond helpful. Thanks so much. =)

  7. Unless you’re trying to beat the rain there’s really no need to rush in the garden, relax and enjoy. : ) …..Donald

  8. I enjoy watching your easy going narrative and methodical farming technique. Ut is good way to spend your retirement in the south.

  9. Thank you for answering. I guess I just have to be patient.

  10. It won’t be long and you should start seeing the little runners reaching up for the netting…..Donald

  11. I was just wondering how long it takes for your beans to crawl up?  I have my beans planted and it has been nearly 4 weeks and though they look healthy, they are not crawling up yet.

  12. The netting holds up extremely well. I had a section about 75 ft. long that I left up to grow Cucuzza squash on for 3 years. It can be reused if you take the time to remove all the vines. I just throw it away at the end of the season……Donald

  13. Hey Donald, I just had to ask how did this netting work out for you? Did it end up stretching or breaking? It seems like a great product. Also can you reuse it??? Thanks!

  14. That’s correct, the row can be as short or as long as you need it……Donald

  15. Great video.. Ive watched it 3 times. I am a new gardener and this can be done on a smaller scale too. Thanks so much for sharing

  16. you inspired me with this video im going to go plant some beans asap thank god for people like you sir

  17. It’s ¼ inch yellow twisted polypropylene also from Memphis net and twine. It works real well cause it stretches very little in the heat…..Donald

  18. NacogdochesBeeman Reply January 2, 2013 at 7:13 am

    Awesome Thanks For Taking the time to post realy like your videos
    what size and type rope did you use
    did you get also from Memphis Net & Twine
    Thanks Again

  19. Memphis Net & Twine…..Donald

  20. could you please tell me where you get your netting from

  21. There are so many regulations on the books I don’t think anyone knows where to turn….Donald

  22. Well Donald them Government people “are” working on a law against us garden growers. Feds have raided some…crazy!!

  23. thanks for spending the time to put these videos together. Simply Excellent!

  24. The plants would probably grow just fine but I think you may have a little trouble come harvest time. The vines will outgrow the netting and you may have a tangled mess.

    I would recommend making some tomato cages out of concrete wire. It’s 5 ft. tall and makes a strong cage for tomatoes and cucumber……Donald

  25. I wish I would get a cut from them but I don’t. : ) ……Donald