Dave’s Garden: Gardening: Raised Beds

Information about raised beds and gardening by Dave’s Garden.
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  1. great

  2. Superb video – thank you.

  3. super glad to find yo here with the same interests in growing food!
    hope we can connect to learn and share….. warmest regards, novalee

  4. ah! get out of those poison ivy invested woods

  5. All you need is a 4×8 space and some education from The Garden Master. Check out his videos.

  6. TheGardenMasterShow Reply January 29, 2012 at 10:49 am

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  7. good stuff

  8. Thanks! for all the info.You answered many questions I had . David Ringo Georgia

  9. I use those brakcets too. They’re like only 50 cents at Lowes and last forever.

  10. haha. It’s okay, we think the same about you guys. “Herbs” don’t they know the H is silent? lol

  11. lol,i was thinkin that too! they say it like jamaicans ,

  12. And “Erbs” where’s the H

  13. americans say the word “compost” funny

  14. Another great video. Thank-you.

  15. Really interesting made me sit still and be interested

  16. great work, next season Im gonna be there

  17. can i ask a question, why use brakets in your raised bed and not just screw wood to wood, cheaper? maybe even angle cut so join and look cleaner?

  18. Excellent video! Easy instructions. Thank you.

  19. thanks

  20. Just built 4 boxes. 1 dedicated to strawberries. plus 2 large berry rows (blueberry, raspberry, blackberry.

  21. fantastic thank you

  22. BackYardGardeningTip Reply January 29, 2012 at 3:55 pm

    Excellent video. We, my wife and I, are going to be working raised beds this year and your info has helped.

  23. Great information. I’ll look forward to future videos.

  24. Check out my raised garden bed !
    I have romaine, luttuce and potatoes.

  25. I reallylike your video!