Design Build Plant Organic Garden – Companion Planting

Your favourite host Diva Dan gives inspiring tips on designing a compact companion planting organic vegetable garden.
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  1. He just talks. I was expecting to show me something practically.

  2. What’s with the Darth Vader mask audio?

  3. Your garden is so cute! In the tomato/basil site, marigolds also repel pests.

  4. thanks for sharing! I never knew you could grow potatoes on top of each other like that! :)

  5. hahaha i love michael’s part in the video… especially “how the hell did you know about that?!” great video guys, thank you! i’m going to be looking for the update video!

  6. you should switch the pole beans and the cucumber…

  7. The problem with planting a row of corn a week would be cross pollination. I see so many sorry corn stalks which are in one row that is 40′ long. The smallest corn plot would be a 4′ x 4′ square and even then there would be cross pollination problems on the upwind side. Just my experience. Thanks for posting.

  8. Hand gestures make me laugh for some reason

  9. I love the choice of bold colors! I have benches in pink and bright blue… It’s so happy! :) Barb

  10. @lightroast its awesome to mix beliefs with gardening… your disgusting…

  11. I love your trellises

  12. mentioning Mennonite gardening practices means he is introducing religious beliefs into this garden? WTF? He did it quite differently to them.

  13. That guy’s a nut! I think you two are great!

    I’m interested in knowing how your garden turned out. I want to try something similar and I’d love to know how the purple carrots and upside-down tomatoes turned out!

  14. can you be more specific?

  15. dont use wood that is weather treated the posion eventually gets in the food.

  16. you shouldnt of painted the boxes eventually the paint will seem into your vegetables. its fine for flowers as long as none of them are editible.

  17. nice job. thanks for sharing.

  18. The other big advantage of raised-bed gardening that you forgot to mention is that you’re in control of the growing medium – what goes into making the soil.

    Best of success with your gardening efforts.

    “The Guru of Doo-Doo” – Tim Dundon

  19. pumpkins and corn will take up a whole lot of nitrogen from your soil. A good idea to try out is growing beans or peas or any kind of climbing legume that will actually fix nitrogen in the soil for the corn or sunflowers to use. keep it up looks cute

  20. Those boxes are colorful for sure.good info thanks

  21. Great ideas. I hope it all works out for you. ~Jeri

  22. The animals are trying to take over the video! LOL!
    Hopefully they will not take over the garden!

  23. thats a great idea and you can freeze the corn….i love the gardening tips…thanks

  24. again the first