DIY Hydroponic Garden Tower V 2.0

New and improved Garden Tower.
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  1. Total cost for the new tower was around
    $175 . That includes everything., materials , grow stones , water and air
    pumps and nutrients. Stayed with the same 400 GPH pump.

  2. This looks great! I love how ‘finished’ it looks with the truck liner spray
    on it. For indoor towers do you think it would still be fine to use the 5
    gallon buckets or would you still suggest the use of a cooler?

  3. Hi Mike, Greetings from Bedford, England. I’m fascinated by your project
    and thinking I might give it a try next Spring. I have a really small back
    garden and this might offer more growing space. I am wondering if you can
    get the optimum oxygenation of your solution in such a closed system and if
    there might be a way to introduce more fresh air without the rigmarole of
    added pumps and airstones. Thanks for the vids. Please keep em coming.

  4. How did I miss your video!
    been waiting for this..

    Alright good looking stuff

    My rain tower is 4 weeks old now and I am understanding different concerns
    you have had with it:

    1) My PH went up like crazy: I found out using vinegar or anything organic
    in these is a big mistake.. I had a vinegar production going in mine in the
    first 2 weeks.. mother vinegar growing everywhere clogging the holes, my PH
    would go to 8 in 5 hours from PH6.
    I got some GH PHdown dry solution and adjusted my PH and cleaned the tower
    with bleach and H2O2 and got rid of that issue.

    2) Cooling the solution: man I did not think I will have an issue with that
    since I am indoor but turned out that 25-27c is not the best for
    hydroponics.. Have to find an easy system to bring it down under 20c..
    I went with a 5 gallon rectangle bucket with some bubble wrap to insulate
    it but man your coolman is the way to go.. I assume that fits 10-20gallons
    I am excited to see what you are working on for cooling system.
    the past 2 weeks I have been doing daily iced half gallon bottles that
    last half a day for me in there but I am working on a peltier
    (thermoelectric cooling pump) device design..
    Aquarium Chillers are an option too but they will be sitting on the outside
    of the unit and that also adds 200-400$ to the price of the system and you
    need another water pump etc

    3) The top rain part is hard part to deal with and coming up with an easy
    solid way of doing it still takes innovation

    4) I spent a lot of time cleaning the PVC pipes off the writings on them,
    indoor I am not concerned with UV but coating it was a good choice all
    around and well worth it.

    so 2 question:
    a) what model is your water reservoir?

    b) let us know more about the cooling system you have in mind..

    Thank you!

  5. How do you secure the post so it doesn’t get tippy and fall over?

  6. I built one of these based on your other video. The tip to use a small
    paint brush to spread this(nothing like wood glue) glue was a BIG help, I
    usually use starbucks wooden stir sticks for spreading glue. Sprung for a
    9.8 ft pump so I’m using the whole 8 ft post, 28 cup holders. got lucky the
    pump fits inside the post and I used 1/2 inch pvc pipe for the pipe up and
    shower head just to keep my options open. Wind is a big problem
    here,Nashville TN, this year also. Thanks

  7. Great videos Mike. Some questions- Where do you put the pump cord going
    to the exterior? I think you are carved out a space on the top right
    corner, is that correct? 2) Are you adding an air line to this new version?
    If so what will be used? 3) Are you going seal the area where the split lid
    is located to avoid air or light? Maybe some weather stripping? 4) What do
    you use for the top sprinkler device (where the water comes out?) I bought
    an orbit sprinkler bubbler 360. 5). How often do you run your pump? What is
    a typical schedule for the timer? 6) for the sealant – will marine sealant
    work? I cannot find the vinyl sealant for some reason at the big box
    stores. Thanks for your advice and sorry for all the ?’s Just gathered the
    materials and will start putting it all together. 

  8. Great looking tower Mike. I can’t wait to see how you finish it. Although
    it looks like you had no problem with expansion of foam, you could use the
    foam for windows and doors (blue label) as it doesn’t expand as much. I
    like the chest idea since the solution will stay cooler that way.

  9. That looks good. The access from that split lid will be nice. My only worry
    would be it falling over in the wind. I had mine fall over (ice chest and
    all) and had to add guy-wires to it. I never had a problem with algae
    growing in mine though.