DIY Hydroponic Garden Tower

A quick video showing how I made my hydroponic garden tower.

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  1. Brett I spaced out my system the way I did because of the roots growing on
    top of each other and growing into the other net cups and making a mess.

  2. Hey Brett, if you use a 400 GPH pump you should not have any problems with
    your set up. What you will have a problem with is if you set the pump
    inside the main tower, when the roots start to get long on the last few
    bottom rows and will clog your pump. I’m making a new video addressing some
    of the issues I have had using the 5 gallon buckets and improvements I’ve
    made. Some of the issues are cooling the system when using them outdoors
    and maintenance of the system. I just haven’t had time to finish it up. I’m
    working on another project that’s tying me up right now. Which I will share
    with everyone when the time is right. 

  3. Sal
    Yes if you set the saw at 0 degrees and measure 4 1/4 inches make your mark
    and then set your chop saw at 50 degrees and make your cuts. Sorry the
    video wasn’t clear about that. 

  4. Yes it’s a 5×5 fence post. 

  5. I am currently building one of these and wanted to know why you space the
    cups out so far apart. Im thinking about doing a cup every 6″ and
    staggering on opposite sides. I plan to have 40 total. This is strictly for
    greens, no real large plants Its going in a greenhouse so I am using 3″
    net pots without having to worry about wind as you mentioned. My only
    concern is the bottom few levels may not get enough water and nutrients
    with so many cups stacked. Thoughts? 

  6. Is this a 5×5 fence post?

  7. Great videos on how to build your tower! But when you measured your length
    for your standoff’s you state in the video you measured out 5 1/2″ from the
    blade then set a 50° mitre to make the cut. When I made my cuts my
    standoff’s are indeed 5 1/2″ in length in the 50° section and in the length
    of pipe but but it seems the standoff is longer than what yours looks like
    in the video. Did you by any chance measure 4 1/2 ” out from the blade
    then make a 50°?

  8. Thanks Gadiel

  9. nice job

  10. Home Depot or Lowes would have them. I’ve found if you go to the outdoor
    part of the lawn and garden department they are usually sitting in a back

  11. where did you buy the vinyl posts? None of the big box stores in this area
    sell them apparently.

  12. The fence glue will work with ABS.

  13. If it works with ABS, I can get it at sch 40. It’s PVC I can only find in

  14. The fence glue will work thats not the problem. Its the thin wall of the
    conduit pipe. Dont get me wrong it will work but eventually you will
    probably have to re glue them back on.

  15. Then I might have to try some other building supply stores. Or, do you know
    if the vinyl fence glue works with ABS?

  16. The problem with using the conduit is that its thin and you don’t have much
    of a surface to glue it to the post. I tried using it when I first started
    to make the garden tower and had problems with them falling off if you bump
    them. If you plan on using it every growing season its worth using the
    schedule 40 pipe.

  17. My Lowe’s and HomeDepot don’t carry 3-in PVC pipe, but for some reason the
    Lowe’s has 3-inc PVC couplings for the pipe they don’t carry. Looks like I
    will have to use 3-inch PVC electrical conduit, which is actually cheaper,
    just the wrong color.