DIY Indoor Herb Garden for $10! Easy and Pretty!

I enjoy cooking with fresh herbs, however I don’t live in a warm climate, so I have never grown my own. Until now, where I decided to create my very own, ind…
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25 Responses to “DIY Indoor Herb Garden for $10! Easy and Pretty!”

  1. I save my orange and lemon peels and sprinkle the soil with it. Keeps my cats away from my herbs. I love your DIY techniques. thank you.

  2. Hahahaha I love u cat. :-)

  3. BAD kitty, haha! :) 

  4. oh haha! i ment water ur plants with alcohol like in the video xD ur cat is so cute btw!

  5. Oh noooo! If you have a sunny window, maybe bring them back inside so that they are not overtaken by those things.

  6. You are most welcome :)

  7. Thank you so much for this! I loved Malee’s appearance too he he!

  8. Not too well…I put them outside in the sun and the dandy lion fuzzy things got into them…so I had to start over. They are slowly growing again. It’s great that you are able to use yours! =)

  9. I have been seasoning lots of food with my herbs, how are yours doing?

  10. Do tell!

  11. I popped the herbs outside! The weather has been amazing here! they are thriving, save for the dill, which was eaten by one of my cats :(

  12. Can you give an update on the herbs.

  13. the secret is alcohol :)

  14. i love your cat! and your herb garden!

  15. Hello, wanted to follow up with you and let you know I actually made a herb garden per your directions. Got my supplies from Dollarama (containers, soil, rocks and dill seeds) and Home Hardware (remaining seeds) – and all six herbs are growing after less than one week. The containers sit in my kitchen window ledge. I am so excited! Thanks again for making this video =)

  16. This was no indoor herb garden vid, this was a “how to get your kitty away from camera while filming” vid LOL :) )) Had to sub. xoxo Bethany

  17. She definitely keeps me entertained!

  18. Sure did – she’s quite the attention seeker!

  19. Oh man!  For whatever reason mine aren’t interested in the herbs. However, I have beautiful roses that I put in my bathroom because they LOVE those.

  20. Sure was! 

  21. Thanks, funny enough, she wasn’t totally helping!

  22. She’s a very nosy cat!

  23. Yeah – I pay too much for herbs that expire at the grocery store, agreed! Hooray for a fellow Canadian!

  24. I just started to film a few things I do, thanks! Malee will certainly make her way into more videos, she’s ultra curious! I have grown cat grass for her before, maybe I’ll do this again!

  25. Your a jack of all trades :)