Easy Self Watering Patio Container Garden – Growing Herbs and Leafy Green Vegetables

John from http://www.growingyourgreens.com/ shows you from start to finish how easy it is to set up a self-watering patio pickers “raised bed” container gard…

25 Responses to “Easy Self Watering Patio Container Garden – Growing Herbs and Leafy Green Vegetables”

  1. I was wondering if you used your plastic cover, which I think would be
    really hard to cut to fit, however, some of my plants have been splashed
    from the rain cause I didn’t use the cover

  2. Good day! Your video is very convincing. Honestly, I am planning to
    purchase such container to create my own version of a garden patio. I never
    regret I have found your comprehensive video. I will also share this to all
    my buddies! 

  3. We picked up a city picker today really cheap so we whipped up some soil
    using coconut coir, azomite, vermiculite, worm castings and some organic
    compost. We got some boogie brew which we haven’t even brewed yet and that
    boogie blue water filter with your gyg discount so we’re pretty excited to
    use it. 

  4. The Wisconsin Vegetable Gardener Reply February 10, 2014 at 12:06 pm

    you can make you own for not much money

  5. Just in time. I’m going to Home Depot and get my City pickers today. How
    and where do you cut the greens, swish chard. please show where to cut, how
    far down? This is very very helpful. I thought I couldn’t have a garden,
    Now I can.

  6. Great videos with a good sense of humor. Thanks for making a difference for
    the better ☺

  7. I’m a conservative… can I still use Azomite?? lol love your vids

  8. Malevolence: The Sword of Ahkranox Reply February 10, 2014 at 2:54 pm

    It’s such a shame we can’t get these things in Australia!

  9. John i learned alot from your videos and i started growing more food at
    home and also doing videos here on youtube on how to grow in containers
    Check out some of the growing videos that i did.

  10. I already filled up and planted several earth boxes with potting SOIL. How
    will I know if it wasn’t good enough soil for the container and doesn’t
    have wicking properties? What will happen/not happen to the plants?

  11. Thank you for a great video. Bought a Keter easy growing box thinking it
    was self watering, but it’s not. Returning that and getting a few of these

  12. Hi John, can the rockdust be used in a aquaponics system ? If so: How would
    you use it ? Regards, Sander

  13. John, Love all the videos. Just one complaint……to long. I don’t have
    time to watch 1/2 hour videos. Just me?

  14. Hey john, Im a 21 year old and a big fan, i started growing my own food
    before i saw your videos but after i saw your videos ive expanded so much
    at my house to the point where iive decided to invest in a 2 acre plot of
    land and build green houses to grow year round.. When i will establish this
    i dont know but i can tell you that im working hard to come up with a
    plan.. If this works out it would be an honor for you to come and visit the
    farm if it gets established

  15. Hi John I working on a custom sustainable potting mix that does not use any
    mined material. What do you think of replacing the Rock Dust with Kelp Meal
    and the Vermiculite with Rice Hulls?

  16. hahah you said half ass :D

  17. John, you’re hilarious. Also, I’m growing 3 kinds of rosemary, 2 types of
    basil, and some cilantro, and I have actually propagated a few plants on my
    own! I never would have done any of this before I saw your videos. Now I
    don’t have to pay $2 at the store any more each time I need some!

  18. Hey john. You have taught me a lot about growing greens. My goal is to may
    e grow 50%of my own food. Haha we’ll see how that goes but what has made
    the greatest change is the rock dust. I had one of my beds with rock dust
    and another without and you can totally tell the difference in growing.
    Just by touching the leaves you can tell plants with rock dust are much
    more health and strong. Thanks again for all the encouragement and

  19. jphn if you pee in a garden where the greens are or the herbs … wont the
    herbs taste like urine and wont the soil smell like urine i am asking cause
    i was thinking of doing it with my flowers and even my corn before the corn
    started forming but when the corn starts forming i didi not want it to
    taste like urine cause i have tasted plants that have grown in manure that
    is not broken down and the food taste like the manure a tad soooooooooo i
    was just wondering

  20. Love the ending!! Would love to see more video out takes.

  21. Awesome vid as usual John! You have helped my gardening for certain! Can
    you (or anyone) tell me exactly what model EMF pendant you are wearing?

  22. John, you are singlehandedly responsible for me starting to garden. I
    always wanted to, but never knew where to begin. Now I have a garden full
    of food, a new hobby, and a new way of looking at the world. Thanks a lot
    man, you’re an inspiration

  23. 21:35 Nasturtiums for the win!!! I love em! My 2nd favorite plant in the
    world! Oh and i am all for high density planting. Thumbs up!

  24. hey John, I live in the bay area, where are great places to buy Rock dust?
    Is marin soil solution good? I don’t want to buy online because of crazy
    shipping fees and plus as you said, locals are the best right? I live near
    Walnut Creek, CA any stores within 20-30 miles would be awesome. Thank you!