Easy to Install Irrigation System for Raised Bed Gardens that Beats Drip Irrigation

John from http://www.growingyourgreens.com/ shares with you a revolutionary irrigation system for his raised bed garden that will work in raised bed gardens,…

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  1. Alright so what process would anybody recommend if I have a lawn thats
    composed mostly of sandy soil and weeds.

  2. I think if people just mulch, their water needs would be so low they
    wouldn’t need all these high tech water suppliers. Isn’t there a drought
    in your area? Mulch saves a huge amount of water, slowly fertilizes the
    plant and feeds worms to help aerate the soil. Use a water can once a

  3. 14th :) 

  4. I have concerns the jets would either not cut through the soil as claimed,
    and if they do the water will pool at the edge of the bed. Consistent
    moisture control is dependant on the time it takes to cut though the soil,
    too slow and you get zero aeration and pooling along the pipe, too fast and
    you get good aeration, but pooling along the bed wall.

  5. The water jets are a bit high pressure. Should be quite a nice Jacuzzi for
    the worms. :) 

  6. Hunter valves can be purchased at Snake River Sprinklers in Buhl, Idaho.

  7. Use a sharpie marker to mark your orientation prior to putting the glue on
    that way when you are pushing the two connectors together all you have to
    do is line up the sharpie marker lines. Peace, Mo

  8. Very interesting approach to irrigation! Thanks for posting! My main
    concern though for any system is the usage of PVC and other plastic
    materials for health implications. I haven’t succeeded yet in turning my
    balcony garden plastic free, but it’s definitely the long-term goal because
    I try to grow organic to AVOID toxic materials/fertilisers/GMO in the first

  9. It looks like it would only water the plants on the outside edge. Maybe it
    could have high pressure to cut through the soil then reduce pressure to
    flow through the cut soil so all the plants get watered

  10. 33:52
    whoa!!! this video is Rated R

  11. is this glue toxic? If people gonna have leakage all this glue will run
    into the soil? )) 

  12. “Easy to install” … are you serious?

  13. Thank you for your video and I’m so glad you’re going to be our guinea pig
    with this product. Here’s my concern and observations 1) looks like plants
    at the end of the jet is going to get all the water as it puddles up out
    there. 2) You will have to plant plants with similar water requirement a
    each raise bed. At lease with drip irrigation I can double up the emitter
    if need. 3) You’ll be one unhappy camper when one of the jets clog and now
    you have a 2ft section that’s dry. 4) It’s going to be very hard to gauge
    how much water is flowing out of the Aquajet based on the valve position.
    You need a minimal volume/pressure in order to produce the results you
    need. Half the volume and it may not jet as far…but then you will never
    know because you can’t verify. 5) Your soil has to have capillary
    properties. As your organic matter gets used up, those properties will
    change. You will have to “recharge” your mix, not just by adding more
    material on top. 5) Can I achieve the same results if I bury my 1/4″ micro
    drip irrigation tube in a 1′ square pattern? 6) I recommend a flush valve
    at the end of each run so you can flush the system if need. 7) over time,
    the jet may produce a stable tunnel and then all the water will shoot to
    the end with ease and puddle up. The hope is that it puddles back. 8) No
    doubt the system will work well at year 1 given now that it has been
    properly installed. It’s year 2, 3, 5…that will be the ultimate test. 9)
    It’s very doubtful the plant sitting smack on top of the Aquajet at 6″
    between the two jets will ever get any water. I would venture to draw a 8″
    circle around that mid point and call it a dead zone. 10) I would be more
    comfortable if the Aquajet tubing was installed 2′ apart in parallel of
    each other with the jets offset by 6″. That way the jets can get to the
    other Aquajet’s dead zone. 11) How do you ensure that water is evacuating
    from the Aquajet and that the chambers are refilling with air? 12) Even if
    the chambers are properly filled with air, how will the air get to the
    farthest point of the raised bed unless there is a permanent “tunnel” cause
    by the jets? Thanks again John.

  14. will the jets destroy root crops?

  15. 33:50 lol

  16. how do you keep the weeds out of your garden John? i am suffocating in

  17. Thank you for telling us about the Heirloom Expo. Which day will you be

  18. I just dont know.. Neat little product but I dont think its for me as i am
    sure i could not get it to work and work for a long time.. Thanks for
    sharing what it looks like. Its more or less a glorified PVC pipe with
    holes in it.

  19. Cannabinol Connoisseur Reply July 23, 2014 at 12:36 am

    Thanks for another very informational video!

  20. Language! Please edit your comments, your wife probably didn’t appreciate
    what you said and there may be young people watching.

  21. If you would have put shut off valves just after it leaves the control
    valve you wouldn’t need any of those sprinkler boxes. Always touch sand the
    pipe & fittings for a better weld. The Jet system seems like a pain in the
    ass, better to use PVC pipe and drill the holes as needed.

  22. Interesting system.. I think I might want to try one out on one bed, just
    to see .. I wish I could see one that was installed 6 months ago . Im not
    concerned about a few bucks if it holds up well and waters the plants as it
    says it will. Im grateful for John’s effort in sharing this video.

  23. Hey John, love the videos. I had a question. Have you considered trying
    Ollas for your watering?

  24. Looks like there is too much water pressure and all the water will end up
    at the walls.