Easy Vegetable Gardening

Overview of our gardening DVD on turning your backyard into a your own organic produce department, step-by-step from soil prep, planting, pest control, harvesting and storage of your bounty

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  1. how to grow easy garden without outside inputs. gather deep rooted weeds seeds from your area, ornamental grass also(yes, these build soil), combine with various vegetable seeds and herbs and make into seed balls. Cast the seeds in the appropriate time of year, never turn/til the soil. to promote vegetable growth, just chop back weeds until vegetables overcrowd. forever fertility, just harvesting, lots of diversity of structure(above and below ground). no fertilizer, no pesticides.

  2. If you’re eating vegetables, you might as well be eating heroin. Please Google “Kent Rieske,” the world’s preeminent expert on nutrition. Vegetables just convert over to carbohydrates which are sugar, plus the dietary fiber scrapes and wounds your intestines. All humans should follow a flesh-based ketogenic diet in the vein of the Eskimos.

  3. very wonderful. i think i will also try this one.

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  5. oh no! what happened? It is not loading… says there is an error. hope it comes up again!

  6. Excellent garden…great video!!!

  7. THAT is a big garden! Holy moses!!

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  9. thanks my friend…

  10. …yea, nice garden, but very traditional ‘row gardening’. He could use at least half the space if he doubled up his rows into beds instead. There’s more soil for walking than growing vegetables.

  11. …he said something about moist peat moss I think

  12. cant get any greener than that!!

  13. Nice garden. I didn’t understand how to store the carrots, it was windy in the video, can anyone tell me what he says

  14. stephendrumminette Reply November 29, 2012 at 5:10 am

    very nice garden…a very good first step in getting “off the grid”.

  15. interesting project!

  16. PepperJoes PennysTomatoes Reply November 29, 2012 at 5:56 am

    Great video. check out my YouTube Garden videos.

  17. Loving it.
    Great Stuff.

  18. Should try using coco peat…. good substrate!

  19. PepperJoes PennysTomatoes Reply November 29, 2012 at 7:16 am

    Good basic Gardening input. Check out my Gardening videos as well.

  20. Beautifully organized garden!

  21. lol

  22. too bad you guys are missing key nutrient found only on store bought produce.. traces of salmonella, pesticide residue, weed killer residue, etc etc hha ha hah ahaha ha

    corporations hate you ha ha ha ha ha

    no sale-no tax

    city will hate you ha ha hah ha

  23. wow, awesome garden.. he is pretty self sufficient

  24. Great video! Cool tips and fun to watch :) Loved the music, too!

    Wishing everyone happy gardening this year!

  25. Good video, what state are you in?