Episode 1: The Reveal – My Twenty-five Dollar Victory Garden

This is the first video where I reveal what I’ve done so far. Just got my video camera, so come along for the ride as I document my efforts to feed my family…
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8 Responses to “Episode 1: The Reveal – My Twenty-five Dollar Victory Garden”

  1. pinkstrawberrypuding Reply December 5, 2013 at 3:06 am

    very educational and informative.and he is great eye candy too!

  2. Great video!! :) I think that this is an awesome concept and so true – i
    always use old takeout containers, cups, bottles etc. to plant seedlings.

  3. This is great! I am starting my indoor gardening today if I can hobble to
    my car to get the goods. I have two kittens that seem to get into the
    tiniest spaces, so I will have to think of a good spot out of reach.

  4. Thanks Shirley. Yes, absolutely my interest with these videos is to do one
    take, roll with it, organic video. I’ve never loved the real scripted,
    stiff stuff that I’ve all too often been a party to in my TV life. So here
    is my chance to “wing it” and just be “joe”. Glad you were entertained, and
    yes…the cat may ultimately be my fallback should all else fail! Thanks
    for commenting! Joe

  5. cool! I’ll be looking with interest we are getting into winter here in NZ
    but I hope to try this out next summer.

  6. wonderful video….keep up the good work!

  7. Joe, I love this video! The ideas are great-everyone can afford your
    approach to seed starting. Dumpster dive for you materials. I will never
    look at a pizza box the same way again. I see you are letting your hair
    down too and the cat at the end was very entertaining. If your $25. Victory
    Garden fails, it will be because your cat ate your seedlings! Keep up the
    great work, looking forward to your next installation. Shirley Bovshow

  8. Are you counting the gas and electricity you use? I’m thinking that after
    totalling that in, you will be way over $25.