Fall Garden November 2010 — Growing a vegetable garden

Fall garden update and a few things from the summer garden. Visit The Bayou Gardener in Avoyelles Parish Louisiana – Cajun Country at http://www.thebayougard…
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  1. You can direct seed just about anything in the fall garden, just thin em out when they come up…..Donald

  2. Hi webcajun,
    I was wondering with your experience, what can be planted by seed and grown in the fall for indoor and outdoor? I know you live in Louisiana, but I am living in Georgia. The climate might work here.

  3. Yes they are good……Donald

  4. Fried green tomatoes are good i like them mixed with okra too

  5. …Most of the time I use either 13-13-13 or 17-17-17……Donald

  6. what type of fertilizer do you use

  7. i will come pass by in october or november and that is were i get alot of my seeds too.!

  8. … Hey Phil, I get most of my seeds online. The feed and seed stores just don’t carry the variety of OP vegetables I’m looking for. You’re welcome to come visit anytime……Donald

  9. where do you buy all your seeds i buy alot from the feed store but what about the variety and i only live like twenty min away from you i was wondering if sometime this winter i could come see you garden thanks phil

  10. … That works but when you have a bunch you run out of windows. lol…….Donald

  11. just set the tomato on the window

  12. I really enjoy this man!

  13. …You see 5 acres in the video…..Donald

  14. How much land do you have?

  15. …When it comes to greens I was raised on mustard greens and it’s hard to find anything that taste as good to me. Tried collards and swiss chard and just not to crazy about em…..Donald

  16. Do you have Forthook Giant Swiss Chard? We’re growing some now in are garden Donald. It grows really good here in Albuquerque Nm. Swiss Chard is good to make stir fries with, or omletes. Try the Chard with an omlet, boy is it good. lol

  17. …Allow the tomato to ripen fully then remove the seeds and dry em out. Carrots have to form a seed head on the plant……Donald

  18. hey I really enjoy your videos….. and I was wondering if you could tell me how to get seed from carrots, and tomatoes…. thanks and please keep up the helpful videos

  19. …Check out my channel, there’s a few more up there. Looking forward to your videos…….Donald

  20. Thanks for the reply,thats what the stores do in storage and shipping,no light, they just wait for them to rippen on there own.I couldnt post that before because it was to many words.One of these days ill get camera and make some videos of my own to help others as you have.Again thanks for all the great videos and why the heck havent you made another one.

  21. …I really like the newspaper idea. When I unwrapped em they had ripened to a deep red without a trace of green left on them. Picture perfect and the taste was pretty good too…….Donald

  22. Hi Donald,Ive picked green tomatoes many of times well mostly because i love fried green tomatoes plus gettin impaitent waiting for them to ripen,But no matter how you store them they will rippen.Ive done done this with green tomatoes because of slight blemishes or the chanch of loosing my small crop.However the green ones will take longer to ripen away from light wich is a great way to make them last longer,The stores keep the tomatoes in the frige until they ripen then put them out for sale.

  23. … it sure did……Donald

  24. … my goal was to can some ripe ones for soups and stuff this winter. I ended up with plenty red ones and quite a few qts. put up……Donald

  25. … check out the web site, I’ve got a picture of doing just what you mentioned……..Donald