Filling My Raised Bed Garden with Soil & Compost in Las Vegas

John from shares with you his plight of finding the best soil to fill his new raised bed garden with. In this episode, John…
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24 Responses to “Filling My Raised Bed Garden with Soil & Compost in Las Vegas”

  1. I’m definitely curious to see how well the garden does next season. New
    gardens are always a work in progress with hitches and unexpected burps.
    Best of luck John! :) 

  2. Are your raised beds mortared together, or are the bricks just set up
    against each other?

  3. Are these new beds in addition to your other ones? Or…Did you strip out
    the other beds?

  4. I was stationed at Aviano, Italy while serving in the USAF in the late
    70′s. All Americans stationed there were instructed that if we bought
    produce and fruits off of the local economy, to wash in a bleach water
    solution because they used human waste to fertilized the fields. They did
    not break it down properly so it was not safe for us to eat their veggies
    and fruits without first bleach water washing it.

    I would not be concerned here to use the Tomato Lady Mix you were talking

    Great video John, keep up the good work.

  5. “The roots would be explosive.”

    Mental note: Do not follow John’s advice. Worm castings and rock dust turn
    plant roots into bombs.


  6. Fecal Chloroform. I just got a visual of Hannibal Lector choking out
    Clarice with a poo rag.
    Edit: John, I don’t know where you got your info on how the Gulf oil spill
    was remediated, but let me be the 1st to tell you, it wasn’t with
    bacteria.It was with a million drums of a petrochemical called Corexit. And
    the cutesy pootsey little bioremediation sham that BP did along the barrier
    marshes was a joke.

  7. The problem I see with it is that people DO take drugs and medication that
    does go into their waste. Then your plants absorb it and you end up eating

  8. I used rock dust this year when i planted my crops………………i have
    never seen such growth in all my years of growing (8 years). thanks for the
    heads up John!

  9. wait john why are you replacing your soil when you can amend it?

  10. Did you move from California to Vegas?

  11. This is gold! I live in Vegas! thanks so much! subscribed!

  12. I Lived in Pahrump Nevada until 2005, I miss that garden zone ; )

  13. I know the feeling on getting things delivered. This is 20 yards of wood
    chips for the garden area.
    This is my 2nd load.

  14. Is this a new house? I didn’t see your front garden when you where showing
    the dump truck. I would think you could sell your homes for alot of money!
    haha What a way to flip a house, build it into an organic vegetable garden
    to feed the homeowners than sell it!! :) :) 

  15. And, Whoop! There it is.

  16. Learn Organic Gardening at GrowingYourGreens Reply September 12, 2014 at 2:42 pm
  17. Hi . Do you take any vitamins beside eating a lot of fruits and vegetables?
    I started on the 50′s . I always ate meat and potatoes so to speak.
    I think I’m fairly healthy .When I was growing up in the 40′s and 50′s I
    was very active and I think that helps. Now I’m taking up gardening .It
    keeps me active , but I have a lot to learn. I ordered the wonder seed
    starter and I’ll start my own seeds. I did this year but had problems with
    beans and peas .they were last years boughten seeds. Thanks for listening.

  18. Wow 16 a bag for Azomite, that is a great deal. I called them to see what
    it would cost to purchase a pallet and it is around 10 a bag bug shipping
    is what kills you. It would cost me 20 a bag if I purchased a pallet. I may
    one day, just not at this house.

  19. My plants have ‘exploded’ in the best growth I have ever done thru John’s
    great advice! He should make a Tshirt with ‘Rock Dust Rocks!’ haha, or
    something, I would wear it!

  20. Thanks big J.

  21. Poor pup…close to the end of the video…. looking like WTH? Where am I
    supposed to go pee now? 

  22. Don’t put poop on your plants my friend, then try and feed it to meeeeee.

  23. You are a very wise men.. I didn’t know you can actually grow in las vegas
    because of the awful weather..

  24. Marriage? I heard you say it 4 times…… so the trip you took to meet
    THE girl went well? I am so happy to hear what I think I am hearing.
    Following you for over a year now (with the added benefit of pre-posted
    videos) and I am piecing things together?……. You are an inspiration,
    and the pure joy you demonstrate in gardening and living well (and the
    AWESOMENESS of sharing the TRUTH about what you have learned as you grow)
    makes me think that the wedding bells might ring true for many years to
    come. She is one very lucky lady, and she must be very special. I hope I
    am not jumping the mark, but I would like to be the very first of your
    viewers to say CONGRATULATIONS on your upcoming nuptials….. hee, hee.
    All the best on you and yours. sd