First Look: Horticulture in #DayZ 0.50 | How To Grow Tomato Plants

We look at the first iteration of growing tomato plants in DayZ Standalone and have a look at the mechanics behind this feature. Twitter: One-time donations:…
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  1. Why do you always say agafor here? what is that?

  2. I didn’t know that we said tomato different here in the US. Or at least
    here in Philly. We say toe-may-toe

  3. “Well that escalated quickly 1:13″ haha :D 

  4. I love it! Wish it took longer to grow, but thats maybe just for testing
    for now.
    Other thing, how long on the last stage before the tomatoes go rotten? I
    remember seeing pictures of the model plant with rotten tomatoes, there
    must be a time gap from ripe to rotten where you need to take them out,
    kind of like cooking meat, but obviously more than 15 seconds.
    I love how they are using stuff that has always been on the map with no
    purpose like those garden houses.

  5. the green house only rule is going to be a hassle

  6. Ahh, fuck! My friend and i played for an hour and planted seeds with the
    lime thing and we had set up 3 rabbit traps, but then the server restarted
    and everything went away

  7. I want to do a dayz profile restart and online live on animals, berrys,
    apples, river water and now tamatos. With my hunter uniform and improvised
    bag, along with a sks with camo……………. Now that would be a good
    dayz experience

  8. Game playable yet or still very heavy on the processor?

  9. pls make another playstyle video :*

  10. AWESOME! I really like how the developer teams are working and improving
    DayZ SA. Im telling you guys, after it will exit Alpha it will get more
    players and after it will exit Beta they will earn a lot of money and the
    game will be awesome

  11. I grew tomatoes (in real life) for the first time this year. It took an
    ENTIRE summer, after which they were mainly green and took a further month
    to ripen. 10 minutes is a little silly. But… as if we’re going to hang
    around a village for any length of time!?

    That said, if we had bases I’d be happy to sit on one of these for a week
    and get a rotation going.

  12. i hope that later u can plant them also on fields or so, so u dont have to
    go into cities

  13. We need to plant potatos too cuz potatos are the true meaning of life.

  14. This is awesome now we need base building! To plant our food and hold out
    in the woods and stay on the same server. Like if you agree :) 

  15. Christopher Dijoux Reply April 24, 2015 at 11:04 am


  16. Tomatoes – how middle class :) 

  17. I hope drugs are coming too i want weed and cocaine in dayz xD

  18. WOBO PLZ iv watched since “Keeps or don’t keeps” the medical version and I
    feel like I know just about everything I need to except ont thing……

    The science of loot spawns?

  19. I want to play as Johnny Tomato Seed and plant crap all over the place for
    the hungry survivors!

  20. I think you are going to be running around stuffed on tomatoes without
    enough energy to keep going unless they buff how much energy you get from a
    vegetarian diet.

  21. It seems a bit odd that it grows so fast. Maybe I just gotta get used to
    it. Thanks again wobo!

  22. Nice video as usual! I got a video request for you: It’s been 3 months
    since your “tent guide” video. Could you make an update about which servers
    save the tent and its loot and also on loot disappearing what seems to be
    randomly inside a tent? Because that can’t be explained with a simple “use
    persistence enabled servers” answer, because even there loot or the whole
    tent disappears. I’ve read some threads in the official forum about it and
    I’m doing some experiments by myself. But it’s always great to see your
    methodological approach on these things and I can imagine a lot of people
    out there would be happy to know the outcome. Since nobody wants to
    randomly lose their gear and not everybody good the time or patience to
    test it. Anyway, it would be great, if you could do this! Cheers, Kalle

  23. That’s so cool, can’t wait to kill you on Saturday… That sounds way worse
    than it is.

  24. When I saw this in my sub. box i read it ,, How to grow tomato Pants,, xD

  25. Wow i really like this!