First Tomato Plants in the New Greenhouse

After what seemed like forever, I finally got some tomato plants going in the new greenhouse. Starting them in growbags really speeds up the process. It was a very good day and things are beginning to come together. The Lord has blessed us with some beautiful weather too, making the night time heating much easier.
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  1. It’s 21 x 68. I’m not sure what the exact angle of that bend was. The height is 12- 13 ft. If you’re think about building one, I would look on Craigslist for a used greenhouse frame. Just search “greenhouse”. I see them all the time, but most are too far away for me to mess with. I did find a 30 x 60 back in May for $650 and bought it. It’ll be my 3rd GH when I get around to putting it up.

  2. I have a couple questions for how your GH is setup. what is the width of the GH and at what angle did you have to bend those pipes that go into the 4×4 posts. Lastly, how tall is it?

  3. ty i might make 1 next year to late to make 1 now were i live :)

  4. It was pretty much piece by piece. The center portion of the hoops are from a 14 wide kit, and I added 1 1/4 EMT for the side posts. Everything is attached to 4×4 posts that are concreted in the ground about 28 inches or so. I built it to last awhile. :-)

  5. Thx. A lean-to is good one to start out with. Especially if you’re building onto the south side of a structure.

  6. thegreangardener Reply March 14, 2013 at 1:29 pm

    how did u make ur green house i kneed 1 but a lot smaller then the 1 u have maby a 20 by 20 would work 4 me .

  7. Great videos. I’m just getting into gardening…2nd year! I’m building a lean-to greenhouse this week, but yours is unbelievable! I’m jealous…:)

  8. I think I started them some time around mid-November. About 6-7 weeks or so from seed I guess.

  9. LOL… :-) 

  10. How many weeks old are your tomato plants they are already a good size?

  11. thats bigger than my house!!!

  12. Certainly. You can make trellises out of string, wire, wood, most anything.

  13. I dont think they’d do so well in mud. Never tried it, but it doesn’t sound like a good idea.

  14. can homemade trelisers be made

  15. wow cool do tomatoes grow in mud please reply

  16. planting you meen sowing

  17. Yes sir Chuck..lots and lots of hours in this one. I think the black fabric does help heat the ground. Its certainly not hurting anything right now. Yea, I am now using both stoves, with blower boxes, on a single t-stat. Seems to be working pretty well …. thankfully. ;-)

  18. Thanks…good to hear from ya. I’m the same way. Already got the calendar marked for when I need to start my seeds for outside. Looking forward to some warm sunny days…and barefeet in the dirt !

  19. Thanks…Proud as a new papa ! :-)

  20. lunch break ? it was about 2:30….I was long overdue ! You could be right about the “drive” part. You gotta have lots of it to be able to start something like this and see it thru, especially when you’re working by yourself. Some days are better than others, but as long as I’m making progress, its all good. Speaking of pork…when are ya’ll gonna catch some more hogs? My buyers are getting anxious ! LOL

  21. Yes mam…blessed indeed. Dark soil….LOL Much faster than spreading manure around ! Thanks friend. :-)

  22. Thank you Mark !

  23. Thx Nick. Single stem takes a bit more work than a cage, but its fairly productive. I’m curious about the corn too. No crows…and no earworms either !

  24. LOL…thanks friend.

  25. Thx. I’m looking forward to warmer weather myself…very much so !