First Year Growing a Vegetable Garden in Las Vegas = A Success!

John from goes on a field trip to a unsuspecting subscribers house to learn whats growing on. In this episode you will see …
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25 Responses to “First Year Growing a Vegetable Garden in Las Vegas = A Success!”

  1. Does anyone know what LED light system she was using in her seed room? I’d
    love to get my hands on those.

  2. Garden Sheds Devon Reply September 4, 2014 at 2:39 pm

    Wow! What a very astonishing documentation. This great example could serve
    as our inspiration. I highly appreciate this learning tool. I am very much
    flattered and I truly enjoyed watching this video. 

  3. COMB YOUR HAIR …yes recyle the party cup …

  4. john should hit that

  5. Hey John love your channel. Question. Do you know anyone with a youtube
    channel that grows in the Seattle Washington area ? Thanks for the great
    growing tips!!

  6. wow not only is that garden growing alot of fruits and veggies, it’s also a
    very attractive garden to look at., nice job, and kudos to vivalasveggies
    for a sharing her garden with us. thanks john that was really nice.

  7. I have a desert garden and have found two beans that grow: yard long and
    pole romano’s. Sometimes romano persist after a frost. I’ve been able to
    grow bush soy beans also.

  8. What a beautiful and inspiring garden!

  9. Yolanda Soto Lopez Reply September 4, 2014 at 6:33 pm

    Great video, keep up the good work, Vivalasveggies… I love that name.

  10. I see weed.

  11. her grow room looks like a marijuana room

  12. Hey John, once you make a kerbillion dollars, do a tour of America to see
    what grows best in every corner of the country, in different seasons, then,
    go global!! Viva Las Veggies! love the name. Is Experimenting in gardening
    the way you keep smiling and looking so young. Aren’t you 150 years old or
    something? lol. Anyways, keep smilin ‘er experimenting I mean.

  13. @aletoledo1 she is not single she is married and you should know what you
    are talking about before you make stupid comments like that

  14. Ur in Las Vegas —> Make a solar dehydrator!

  15. you dont really need full spectrum just a regular cool white would work
    just fine, plants utilize blue light during growth phases

  16. Hi John, I’am an avid fan and also a trying wannabe gardener. I’ve watch
    almost all your videos and has learned a lot from u. I am hoping you can
    make a video about pitaya dragon fruits. I have a few seedlings thay are
    growing right now. Not sure how to grow them and make it like a tree.
    Hopong yoi can help me out. I love dragon fruit and they are so expensive
    here. Cant wait to grow my own.

  17. She’s single, you’re single…where was the bedroom shot?

  18. Maybe moss can grow on styrofoam

  19. It looks like she has a green mountain grill in the back or a pellet grill.

  20. he jux got laid…look at the hair difference 0:48

  21. I love pitayas too, maybe it would help to mention where you are so that
    someone may give you some good advice. Good luck growing those yummy fruits.

  22. Hi John, As always another great video. I guess you can grow tomatoes in
    vegas after all, just plant them early. Please give her a pat on the back
    for me, she is doing great! Take care John. Terry

  23. She did a great job on her garden. Gardening in hot arid areas can be one
    heck of a challenge.

  24. I totally agree experiment, experiment in your own garden and in different
    areas of your yard my sister and I live only a few blocks from each other
    and I see many differences in how the plants grow : )

  25. growing some different varieties of mangoes from seed, unfortunately I
    don’t know which is which b/c I didn’t mark them lol