Forest Farming ayurveda 23- Dwarf Karela heirloom seed

A variety of heirloom bittergourd which has mini sized fruits. In the monsoon and in wet conditions the bitter gourd plants spread out beautifully and fruit profusely. In the dry months like now, daily watering is a must. Also plenty of mulch to keep the base cool and prevent evaporation. By climbing on a shrub, maybe a herbal shrub, as in this case, the pest attacks become rare. If big red predator ants are also around, all pests avoid the plant. Here I’ve climbed the Karela on to a Vitex shrub. Same plant is there in an earlier video shot 3 weeks before.
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  1. Good.more the merrier.its a very theraupetic n healing activity.


  3. lucky always cooks doubt the love that goes into the food when mama cooks,i guess.

  4. DisasterManagement1 Reply July 31, 2012 at 4:16 pm

    I grew up with a garden and have started again as an adult.

  5. I love Indian food that my friend made, but he doesn’t like karela. I would like to learn some more recipe in using karela. Thank you for the recipe. They easiest way for me to make karela is to fry it with scrabble eggs =)

  6. I used to have an Indian roommate, but he’s not living with us anymore. He’s an international student from India, but now he lives in Poland. When he goes home to India, I would ask him to send me seeds, but he does not know a lot about vegetables and gardening. I love the bitterness in Karela - the more bitter the better. My mom used to make them for me when I was still living at home. She would stuff the Kerala with pork, mushrooms, carrots, and white noodles.

  7. Recepie 4 karela… Cut the karela into small circles de seed them and wash. Put the frying pan , take 4 to 5 spoon of oil and heat it. Then add karela to the same with salt and sugar since it is too bitter!. Fry the same till the pieces turn to golden brown to dark brown. Garnish the same with green chilli and coriander leaves. Its eaten in small quantities…..say one or two spoons in a meal.also few drops of lemon juice can be added before serving.u have neibours from india?

  8. Ours almost look like that. Short and less of a point on the bloosom end.

  9. I love bitter gourd! I’m growing two varieties: one is short and can be stuffed with meat, the other is a white variety that a friend from India sent me. I’m growing them inside my apartment in containers and so far they are doing great! I love the bitter taste – they are so healthy! How do you cook your bitter gourd?