FORIGO Horticulture

Agricolture machinery for cereal crops, horticultural crops, and landscaping – Sterilizing machinery.

6 Responses to “FORIGO Horticulture”

  1. Do you have equipment for greenhouse soil sterilization?

  2. Interested in Horticulture or Agriculture? Well those industries are all about making money. So complete the circle and check out Permaculture too. I wish Id known about this years ago, but only found out about it recently. It all makes sense now. So simple and elegant.
    Seach for keyword permaculture concept or simply click on my profile to view =)

  3. please contact us to 0386 32691

  4. please contact us to 0386 32691

  5. Yes agreed, with plenty of equiptment out there we need to know the benefits. We can clearly see the beformers work well on nice sand but what about adverse conditions, stones, clay etc.

  6. I’m interested in such a presentation, but I already wish to see *people* talking and explaining…