Free Garden Seed Exchange Program!

Looking for free seeds? Do you have seeds to share? Tune in to see what is available and what is requested. This is a fantastic way to get some heirloom and organic seeds that you probably can’t find online or at seed stores. Tomato, pepper, eggplant, onion, lettuce, human head, whatever you have or want, post it here! NOTE: Watch the video for instructions!! You MUST send a self-addressed stamped envelope to anyone you request seeds from. Postage is required from you. Contributors to the 2011 Seed Exchange: (Email them to see what they have to offer!) Please excuse my cold. I’ll try not to sneeze on you but can’t make any promises. :)
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25 Responses to “Free Garden Seed Exchange Program!”

  1. This is an awesome idea!

  2. i am looking for seeds, my e-mail is

  3. wasteofadvertising Reply November 2, 2012 at 1:46 am

    Thank you for posting this

  4. @elpepejose1 SEEDCEPTION

  5. looking for seeds

  6. Hello Friend,
    I am Bella from Fremot, Ca. like to join in your free seed’s exchange program.
    I am looking for cocoa, venila and coffee beans seed’s. I have some fruit’s seed’s for exchange. Please let me know if any one have those. Thank you in advance.
    Happy Gardening.

  7. I have jala corn (maize) seeds. I am looking for seedless watermelon seeds.

  8. We’ve ordered organic seeds and either the seeds were old or our soil only grew a handful of vegetables, though my husband added some natural fertilizer to the ground.
    Your U tube tutorial are enjoyable & very entertaining. Would it be possible to request some organic seeds for the garden for the rest of this summer & next year? What address do I use? This is an awesome idea & we appreciate your thoughful & generous teachings!

  9. Does anyone have cacao pods

  10. I’m looking for herb seeds. I have banana pepper seeds

  11. Does anyone have bhut jolokia seeds? Please Pm or email me.

  12. Many times they will not breed true to the parent plant but I’ve saved hybrid seeds before and grown some great things. When in doubt give it a try. :)

  13. Can some tell y u cant save hybrids tomates seed or can u

  14. just starting gardening and my potatoes and tomatoes,and squash family are growing good need more heirloom seed thou specially hot peppers.I got some heirloom seeds. i’m trying the three sister technique.I got dragon tongue bean,black beauty eggplants,straight eight cucumbers,tom tumb lettuces,french breakfest radishes,and sweet corn. i got more but the packages got wet. More peppers, lettuce, tomatoes, carrots and beets.all heirloom but don’t know the names

  15. heirloom seed are naturally grow ,haven’t been cross bred to create hybrid or haven’t been genetic modiflied

  16. is the seed exchange stiil going on

  17. Great idea and sucha a lovely generous one. You will be regarded as the enemy of capitalism though. The big guys can get so nasty.

  18. Do you have seeds for white sage???

  19. Does anybody have any mircro-tom tomato seeds? please e-mail me

  20. I’m looking for grapes, strawberry, valerian root an Indian snake root if any one can help me get these I will do what I can to help secure seeds or bulbs they need
    Or send them a gallon of compost tea for every 2-4 oz. Of seed

  21. lol..I listened to the video all the way to the end and laughed! You are funny

  22. Hi I’m wondering are you still helping with the seed exchange still, if so I’m looking for some heirloom toms here are the ones I’m looking for: Black Krim, Hawaiian Pineapple, and Ananas Noire aka Black Pineapple Thanks for any help you have some great info really enjoy all your videos keep up the great gardening look forward to watching you Take Care…..

  23. So the next time to be able to get on the seed exchange is gonna be 2013′s growing season? :( 

  24. I would like on the list Ive got seed to share!!! happy growing

  25. I have wild-crafted Purslane seed (naturally high in omega-3 fatty acids, according to my research), and Lambs Quarters I will be happy to send some out to anyone who wants some – - I am looking for Miners Lettuce, Amaranth, Mortgage lifter Tomato, Jerusalem artichoke Rhizomes, Sugar Beets, Ground Cherry, Orach (magenta), Chocolate, Red Rhubarb, — Please let me know if you want some of what I have or if you have some of what I want.