FREE Seed Giveaway 2012

Welcome to the 2012 FREE seed giveaway! With the help of 14 Youtube gardening channels I am proud to announce that we are able to offer a vast variety and quantity of fantastic vegetable, flower and herb seeds to YOU for nothing but the cost of a postage stamp. Each participant will tell you how you can receive free seeds from them by sending a self-addressed stamped envelope or just a stamp or sometimes just for the asking! If you have some seeds you care to giveaway, please post a comment on this video and tell the world what you can offer. It’s the largest FREE seed giveaway EVER on Youtube and it is all for YOU!. Drop by and let’s get this party started! :) NOTE: The Seed giveaway has ended as of 1-26-2012. Thank YOU for making it a crazy fun smashing success!!
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25 Responses to “FREE Seed Giveaway 2012”

  1. I’ve wanted to start a garden for 2 years and I’m finally trying. So far I have strawberries plants and spearment. No seeds yet. I want salad stuff and I REALLY love fruit.

  2. how to spell j deer 58 ? The description below the video is truncated & can’t read the whole thing.

  3. @Praxxus55712 Hi Ray please could you do me a favour? :) please could you check out my video and answer the question i wrote in the description of the video. Thanks for reading this and hope to here from you soon! Stay safe :)

  4. thank u very much, u should try to investigate about it, it truly is an interesting story and the plant is amazing =)

  5. I wish I had the information you need. I have never heard of that variety of tomato plant. I am sure that if it is available you can find it on the internet. Good luck. :)

  6. It`s so great you are doing that im planing on having a seed giveaway of my own =) but maybe u can help me …have u heard of thousands and hundreds tomato plant? its also known as cheriette of fire and i can seem to find them, i live in central america and i want to share and encourage people to grow this kind of tomato maybe you can help me out thnks!!!

  7. Yes I have updates on various videos of the pineapple plants.

  8. did the pineapple end up maturing?

  9. did the pineapple end up maturing?

  10. I still have it and a few others.

  11. where is the pinapple plant?

  12. Am I way too late on the free seed giveaway!? I would really love to grow marigolds! Ray, I love your videos!! You inspire me!

  13. This online seed exchange is amazing I could take part in it, but i’m all the way in the cayman islands:( it would be pretty cool to get some new seeds. Sadly, I have n ot found one heirloom seeds down here.

  14. I would love that! pm me ill give you my info

  15. andrewleedoggmail Reply June 16, 2012 at 10:39 am

    i have plenty of cantolope seeds and i am willing to give them to u if u want any

  16. anyone have cantaloupe seeds!?!?!?!?!

  17. I just found you and have been watching most of the afternoon! I grow vegetables on my 15′x7′ south facing balcony. I started my seeds back in Feb. (indoors under lights) and had bad luck with the “commercial seeds” I got at the hardware store. I know it wasn’t my skills because ALL my heirloom seeds sprouted. Today I potted up my seedlings and used your potting idea for the tomatos! Glad I found you!! I’m going to try the same idea on my peppers.

  18. you got anymore tobacco seeds and are you still giving them away?

  19. I am new to this, just discovered Praxxus / Ray…. Though late in the game to the seed swap…
    I have Cantaloupe seeds available, I have vigorous seedlings growing now of them.
    Variety unknown! Delicious local melon grown last year, I saved the seed.
    Contact me if interested – would be especially interested in trade for Purple/Black or PEAR heirloom tomato seeds.

  20. i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee seeeeeeds!!!!!!!!!

  21. That’s a good question. Unfortunately I don’t have a clue what kind of tobacco it is.

  22. i got the tobacco, thanks a bunch, is it just a flowering type or the tobacco that some people chew?

  23. Please go to Voodoogardener dot com. There is a page explaining how you can get free seeds mailed to you.

  24. Ray, You inspire me! I would love some FREE seeds. I just started my first raised bed garden. My husband built 2 cedar boxes for me. I am in NW Florida and planted lettuce, spinach, collards, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and tomatoes. I’m in the 4th week and not much is happening (no change). I volunteer at my local community Manna Garden so I’m learning lots from them too.

  25. If anyone is still up for a seed trade PM me! (Canada only please)