Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

Paul Nordmark 951-970-3683 Exterior Imaginations Landscaping Author of the book “Inspirational Terracing” Producer of the DVD series “Amazing Landscape Transformations, Vol.1,2,&3. Call for a free estimate today! email Paul is an amazing structure artist who has built landscapes in 65 cities, in 5 states, all over America.
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    great video, gave me some nice ideas, i will share this video with others,

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  10. many great ideas thanks

  11. BackyardDiscoveryCo Reply February 13, 2013 at 6:08 pm

    I love seeing all of the different garden styles.

  12. The plant is Whooley Thyme. You can see it blooming on Amazing Landscape Transformations volume 3. It is packed full of beautiful landscapes that can be achieved by homeowners from small, medium and large yards. An hour of landscape commentary and design concepts extremely helpful in creating beauty around your home.

  13. is moss

  14. What plant is that at 0:19 seconds, growing all around the stones?

  15. Interesting…