Front Yard landscaping on a budget

What would you do if you found free stuff available for just the cost of gas going to pick it up? When landscaping on a budget, you design your project based…

9 Responses to “Front Yard landscaping on a budget”

  1. On a budget?¿
    Is not like everyone can get free bricks you know…

  2. Great job, but I hope you plan on changing that eyesore chain link fence.

  3. so many things free? obviously thats why you call it on a budget, what
    about others who cannot get it free :( 

  4. Dog and butterfly …….,,,,

  5. How do you find free stuff?

  6. Sheds Direct Manchester Reply March 17, 2015 at 12:27 am

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  7. As someone who works in landscaping, you’d be surprised what gets thrown
    away in skips, brand new bricks would prob be hard to find for free… but
    how this guy got those bricks for free without stealing them… only god

  8. exactly

  9. how did you get free bricks though.