Front yard veggie garden update, hay bales & more 13th August 2013..

I felt it was time to give you a quick look at how the hay bale beds have gone over the past month or so.. Two have been a bit of a disappointment with the o…
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  1. 26 again here today & the plants are loving it.. Haven’t had a here on all
    winter as well which has been great :) Think I will give them a shot again
    as I have a better idea now.. Thanks for tuning in sir & catch you later :)

  2. The Self Sufficient Life Reply February 3, 2014 at 9:33 am

    Nice, thanks, Rob. I’ve been thinking about trying the hay bale method.
    Primarily because it appears to me that it would allow for greater root
    growth but also seems that it requires lots of water. Problem is, I am
    getting ready to move my primary garden to a location where the only known
    water source is rain collection.Was thinking hay bales would be a decent
    temporary step until I get the ground conditioned as well as providing a
    mulch for later.

  3. “27 degrees in middle of winter” – tough luck, Rob, with the watering more
    or less year round for a lazy gardener :-) I’m sure you will find a
    solution for the hay bales – unless you’re going all in with wicking beds.
    Anyway, you’re most likely gonna get some good compost and mulch out of
    that little project. Cheers, Henrik

  4. I put in about ½ a cup at a time to the 25L/5.5gal.. Also like to use a
    vinegar hat has some of the mother still in it as well.. Is all good which
    clip :D Take it easy Sir..

  5. Have you enquired on some of the permaculture forums ? That’s were I have
    seen it used them most down here. Cheers :) Rob.

  6. Thanks for that, I well be giving them some in the morning.

  7. A post above by Peter has given me a few ideas in trying out a no
    dig/lasagne/hay bale style wicking bed so they might come in handy yet…
    To much on my planting & job list at the moment to try it just yet though..
    BTW, is colder here today :( 26°C but I will manage :D Cheers Sir, Rob..

  8. Have taken some leaves down for them & they weren’t to fussed on it but
    then again it took them a while to eat comfrey too.. They didn’t eat all
    the green peas we gave them either.. The kohlrabi is coming out for B’s
    B’Day dinner tonight.. I didn’t pick it the other day when I filmed :/
    Making up a brassica salad with toasted macadamia nuts & creamy dressing..
    All the best, Rob

  9. Pidgeon Pea? Sort of looks like soy beans…is it the same plant?

  10. I would have to say wicking beds are my fav but know they don’t suit
    everyone.. I like that I don’t have to fill up & water the beds in summer
    for up to a week at time if we are flat out with “life”.. This winter have
    filled the reservoirs twice I think with most of the water coming from rain
    or the occasional hosing.. Another good thing to remember is that if you do
    water them with a hose the excess water is caught in the reservoir for the
    plants to be used later..

  11. It does help Rob, thank you! I’m going to build a greenhouse and do an
    aquaponics system for sure…but I’m trying to determine what other methods
    that I should spend my resources on and I agree that I should be leaning
    towards wicking beds too. That said, the Mittleider method is really
    tempting to try! lol I need to do wicking beds for sure I think…but I may
    use another type of container or make my own w/wood and pond liner
    (whatever I can find for cheap). Thank you for answering! Wayne

  12. That’s a great question I think :D They are a great nitrogen fixer for the
    soil & the leaves make great mulch/animal fodder.. The chooks weren’t too
    keen on them but I will be giving them some more when we give them a good
    prune in a few weeks to see how they go. We were planing just to use them
    as a mulch plant then I was convinced to try the dried pea as a pulse in
    cooking. Was told that they make great humus so that is the first dish we
    are going to try with them.. TBC

  13. Hope that helps some Wayne.. Let me know if you want some more info on
    them.. Will have a new clip on them up in a week or so time as I am ½ way
    through making some IBC beds for the front garden as I mentioned in the
    clip.. All the best, Rob.

  14. Pigeon pea grown into a large bush, almost a small tree… Have seen them
    well over 8 foot tall at a local community garden with a 4″ thick trunk..
    Not too keen on the flavour of the green pods or peas, they leave a waxy
    feeling in your mouth is the best way to describe them.. Hope that helps
    Sir.. Have a great one.. Rob..

  15. I know right. Pigeon pea seeds are incredibly hard to find in the U.S. I’ve
    been on a waiting list this whole summer for some.

  16. They would do OK there I think… I have been told that if we used the
    inoculant that they would grow a lot better & fix more nitrogen to the
    soil.. So far they look to be doing ok but will be looking at getting some
    just to see if there is a difference.. The plants these seeds came from
    were more like trees though so I am hoping they put on a bit more size
    during our summer :) Cheers.. Rob.

  17. It comes around fast doesn’t it Dale… Feel like I have been caught on the
    hop & need to get some more seeds out.. Hope they come late for you ;)
    Cheers sir, Rob :)

  18. The Productive Garden Reply February 3, 2014 at 5:13 pm

    What I would give for a 27 degree day at the moment. It is a balmy 8
    degrees at 9 oclock this morning lol Interesting to see the difference in
    the strawbales with single length compared to side by side, it does make
    sense though I guess. Thanks for the update.

  19. No problem at all Sir :) Have fun no matter what method you use, as long as
    they grow great healthy food I don’t really think it matters :)

  20. Your garden lgood. I always wanted to try the hay bales but maybe not now.
    They do seem to take up a lot of room. Not good for my little place. Those
    tomatoes look awesome and look sorta like my favorites, Sun Gold.

  21. Just sinus migraine then the flu then another sinus attack :D Is all good
    now thanks.. Cooler at 23° here today but should climb again by the end of
    the weekend.. Posted another clip showing the daikon :) Think mine have had
    a bit of a head start on yours though.. Need to get cracking & sort out the
    shade set up for this season.. Changing it around a bit this year.. Cheers
    Andrew, Rob.

  22. Am a bit concerned that they might make too nice a home for blight & mould
    as well so will be careful what plants get mulched with this hay in the
    end.. Think it could of been the Still think the wicking beds will be my
    main growing method.. Was impressed with the way the peas started off in
    there, just think the lack of water did them in.. Thinking I might combine
    the peas with kohlrabi next time to see how that works out.. Thanks & all
    the best.. Rob :)

  23. How many veggies that you have can be started from slips or cutting? and
    not seed?

  24. If you grew enough of those pigeon peas maybe you could make some chicken
    feed out of it too. Your kohlrabi looks awesome. I wish I had your growing
    season, hard to believe its coming to an end by us already.

  25. Bit cooler at 26° here today sir :D Feeling I need to get out there & plant
    some seeds today… Cheers Brock, Rob..