Front Yard Winter Raised Bed Vegetable Garden Tour

John from takes you on a tour of his front yard raised bed vegetable garden. In this episode you will learn about many of t…
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  1. The really dark burgundy lettuce looks just like Firecracker, I am also
    growing it.. yummo! Swiss Chard always grew wonderfully for me when I lived
    in Florida. I grew a red stemmed variety. When I did a garden tour,
    someone mentioned it looked as big as rhubarb! Ha I agree, succession
    planting is a wonderful thing, and once mastered, it makes for a lovely
    vegetable garden. My family drinks sodas all the time. We just love them. I
    make all our syrup from scratch…so wonderful! Here is one: Raspberry
    Pomegranate Syrup for Soda Stream – Homemade Sodas
    I will be uploading another soda syrup using honeydew and clementine,
    wonderful too! 

  2. John, I don’t think you camera was awake yet ; ) Looks good, as far as I
    can tell though!

  3. Hi John, how could you eat all of the vegetables that you’re growing in
    your garden? That’s a lot of veggies and I think it can feed the whole
    army. Seriously! Do you sell them at the Farmer’s Market? I was inspired by
    you and rebuilt my garden last year and it was a success. I harvested about
    100 lbs of green beans from only 5 bean plants and lots of tomatoes. I grew
    4-ft long Vietnamese squashes and they tasted good and looked good in the
    garden too. Thanks for all of your helpful videos. Keep up the good work,
    John! And remember….Keep on growing

  4. We can eat sweet potato leaves too. I’m growing some all purple sweet
    potatoes. They are hardy and resistant. I guess the tubers could be
    dehydrated for chips?

  5. Alberta Urban Garden Simple Organic and Sustainable Reply January 10, 2015 at 3:57 am

    John is love to see how your Giji berry plant is doing ! I was inspired
    last year when you showed them off to investigate. I was floored when I
    found out they were hardy to zone 3. So I got some seeds and have been
    growing them this winter. So far so good. I pruned them to spur growth and
    they are going nuts ! I’ll plant them out this summer and hope to see some
    nice flowers and possible fruit :) 

  6. true about free range grass fed beef, its always tastier juicier richer and
    more flavoursome than the rubbery steroid pumped garbage at the supermarket
    with all the greens you grow at your house… you would probably have
    enough leaf scraps in your garden to fatten up an organically grown calf or
    a couple lambs quite easily
    home grown meat fed on greens is so much more delicious, buy a small calf
    feed it greens then take it to the slaughter at about 9-12 months best meat
    youll ever eat

  7. Learn Organic Gardening at GrowingYourGreens Reply January 10, 2015 at 4:44 am
  8. Woodlands Rodents And Reptiles Reply January 10, 2015 at 5:28 am

    why does the quality seem so bad? Still processing?

  9. Love your garden John. Moat of these plan I have never tasted them but as I
    keep learning I’m willing to try them. I have growing Radish and when they
    are done I will see if I like them. I do have what people here in the
    tropics eat. I just harvested Pigeon Peas, coriander and other things. Don’t
    kill me Greeny

  10. I love the wild argula—it is really delicious. I grew up eating pineapple
    guava in So Cal, it is scrumptious, sadly, I now live in Western WA, and
    although the pineapple guava can be grown here, mine has never flowered, I
    also think that the fruit needs heat to develop.

  11. Permaculture Prepper Reply January 10, 2015 at 7:45 am

    out of focus this time around…

  12. @ 3:00 could you spell that please?

  13. John, is your camera on auto-focus? Adjusting your camera settings may help
    the quality, great video anyway (as always)!

  14. High Desert Garden Reply January 10, 2015 at 9:19 am

    Looks excellent John! Keep on growing!

  15. cool artsy quality even if not intentional !!

  16. People might steal all of your veggies 

  17. You’re right John.. I always learn something new with each video you
    share.. Thank you again for everything you do

  18. +Learn Organic Gardening at GrowingYourGreens I think YouTube likes to mess
    with you, man. Your videos always begin with an ad from Scott’s fertilizer.

  19. my arugulas look like that right now too. hmmm, never thought to eat the
    borage leaves, but that’s because they are sooo hairy!!! lol thanks for
    the garden plant tour! Someone in your last video was saying you are
    getting scorched (I don’t think so) but anyway, put some aloe vera on your
    face at night, every night & it feels nice and extra smooth with good cell
    turnover the next morning! 

  20. Thanks for another video encouraging us to grow our own food. Appreciate
    the tour of your front garden.

  21. Beautiful garden

  22. Was this filmed with an old 16mm camera?

  23. I think I’m going blind, can’t seem to focus..

  24. Good message John. My partner and I sowed several varieties of lettuce,
    kale, spinach, and peas today.

  25. nice lettuces, fresh salad with balsamic dressing is always mouth watering
    delicious can never have too many lettuces