Garden Girl TV: Indoor Garden Five

More indoor gardening from Patti the Garden Girl. Feel free to post or embed me.
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  1. Putting a small air pump and air stone into yur water supply will
    accelerate the evaporation process.

  2. Cuting the root may also stimulate the seedling to grow a denser root
    system instead of having less long root.

  3. try collecting rain water with any kind of container it will help you use
    less tap water. hope this helps and you have a nice show i enjoy watching,
    and learning.

  4. thanks so much for the wonderful videos. I think I’m going to start another
    indoor garden with more than just herbs:-)

  5. pretty dang cool, i think you’ve inspired me… oh wait i’ve been growing
    my own garden too. good stuff

  6. i love your show. keep up the good work! i learn a lot from your episodes.

  7. Those little roots are easily damaged during transplanting, so trimming
    them helps the plant to grow new roots and settle into the new pot.

  8. Hey Garden Girl, how long does that tap water have to sit before it’s okay
    to use for the organic plant watering?

  9. it forces the plants to make more smaller roots that require less “food &
    water” without harming the plant; its common practice in bonzai culture.

  10. It figures that the cat is in the middle of it all. ^_^

  11. why wouldn’t you just plant the seeds directly in there own little pots?

  12. @iscavengersam you mean from residual pesticides? not really enough to be a
    factor since most tap/irrigation water has some. in other words, it’s not
    really an ‘organic’ issue so much as a keep-plants-happy issue. the water
    has fluoride, which doesn’t really come out, but also chlorine, which does
    gas out after a couple days. incidentally, you can do this if you want to
    drink tap water without that chlorine off taste.

  13. Why do you cut the tips of the Roots? I though we shouldnt molest the roots
    at all?!

  14. Why did she cut the roots? I have never heard of that.

  15. I don’t know where she got that idea. That makes no sense to me either.

  16. i want to plant my seed in you, gardengirl?