Garden Update 2 – May 20th Raised Bed Container Gardening Vegetable Tomato how to build

Quick update on the gardens progress for May 20, 2013. Some of the container plants were looking stunted and yellow so i fed them twice a week with Fish Emul…

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  1. Great update vid!

  2. Carlota Chmielewski Reply January 7, 2014 at 10:36 am

    We are fortunate to have purchased land in Wake co, 11 acres to be kept
    forested, but we can homestead in the other 13. I need to learn really fast
    and am absorbing your gardening expertise, including what varieties do well
    in this area, since we’re transplants (pun) from the Georgia coast. Ag
    Extension told me not to bother with peaches since they take rigorous spray
    maintenance; they’re best in SC. Looking for a good plum variety, apple and
    grape. Please keep your excellent videos coming!

  3. Hi! Do you prune your tomato plants, or do you let them sucker out?

  4. Kitty!!! Your garden looks fantastic! I have a few tomatoes beginning to
    ripen! I went and bought of few of those tubs. I plan on using them in fall
    planting for lettuce and carrots.

  5. wow i wish i had a great garden like that

  6. Looks awsome!! Great job!!!

  7. Everything is looking super. I loved the cat playing with the flea toy at
    the end.

  8. hi, yes i prune some of the suckers off. but eventually the plant gets too
    tall and ive just gotta let it do its thing. this year i havent pruned as
    many suckers off as an experiment. will be interesting to see how it
    effects yield.

  9. wow everything sure does look healthy

  10. Nice plants

  11. Charm City Balcony Garden Reply January 7, 2014 at 2:50 pm

    Very nice! When you apply the fish emulsion, does it really stink? Does the
    smell linger around? I want to use it…but I’m worried about attracting
    rodents and such…

  12. hi, i try to use the square foot garden methods for each variety. the
    tomatoes i plant about 18″ apart, peppers 12″ apart, i google square foot
    spacing for particular plants.

  13. hi, its my 1st time to grow cukes + butternuts in these tubs. I did grow
    zucchini in them with good results last year. The dirt is 7 inches deep so
    it should be ok since the roots go down about 6 inches. Hopefully the extra
    bit of Fish Emulsion will get them going, would really like to get a few
    butternuts this fall. Thanks so much for your nice comments, i enjoy them!
    happy gardening!

  14. thanks!

  15. thanks! the tubs have held up well over the past few years. the sun and
    outside temperatures dont seem to damage them much. they are just the right
    size so its not difficult to pick up and move around when filled with soil.
    yum enjoy those ‘maters, it’ll be awhile before some turn red here.

  16. looks great, what state are you in?

  17. hi, im in Central North Carolina, zone 7

  18. Great garden! I haven’t put up a garden update in a while because i still
    need to make a raised bed for my plants!

  19. Nice healthy looking garden

  20. where are the fruits?heheh awesome garden! how many variety of tomato you
    planting this season? I have almost 20 i’ts been a challenge for me…it’s
    my first season of growing food. I’m really excited!

  21. thanks! yep the fish emulsion STINKS! and it smells for a couple days. its
    worth the smell tho, best fertilizer ive ever used. i had a possum or
    raccoon chew on a jug under the deck and the fertilizer leaked out from the
    teeth holes. now i keep the jugs in the basement so the critters wont
    destroy them.

  22. Since youre growing 20 varieties youll have lots of different tastes to
    sample, sounds delicious! im growing 3 varieties of tomatoes; Sun Sugar
    Cherry, Lady Bug Cherry, and Brandywine. Theres lots of birds here and they
    will destroy the large fruiting tomatoes. The birds dont mess with the
    cherry tomatoes, they’ll peck at a couple but leave most of them alone.

  23. Nevermind! I found it (butternut squash). So cool!

  24. thanks! im ready for some red tomatoes and ripe peppers, soon it’ll be time
    to plant beans too.

  25. thanks! im trying to eat these radishes as fast as possible to clear some
    space for the pole beans. its rained lots and lots lately so everything is
    plump and growing fast.