Gardening: How to Start Seeds Indoors With A Hot House

Just because it’s Winter doesn’t mean you can’t keep gardening! Spring is just around the corner, and you can get a jump start on your garden by starting seeds indoors. Patti is trying out some Amaranth seeds this year, and she’s got some great tips to share about how to get them started, using a hot house, heating mat, and grow light for the very best results. For more information, check out and

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  1. this is a truly wonderful idea. totally love this video.

  2. Khemica1Kastrati0n Reply November 26, 2011 at 4:32 pm

    Can I use the hot house to germinate cannibis seeds?

  3. hey good job… can you do a bit more DIY seed starter?

  4. Shake them hips! Sexy Garden Girl =)

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  6. thumbs up if you liked this Gardening: How to Start Seeds Indoors With A Hot House

  7. She is so beautiful and intelligent.

  8. I had very little success using those style of starter kits for 2 years in a row.What worked best for me was 2 discarded magazine racks from a convenience store with adjustable shelves wrapped in plastic and vented. 4 inch Peat pots,8 inch pie tins,potting soil,and 2 thermometers.Place peat pots in pie tins and fill with water and let soak.Total cost,about $10.00 bucks! now 6 weeks later I,m ready to transplant.

  9. Can you use this methods for herbs as well?

  10. Thank you for your videos, Patti. You are an inspiration. Muchas gracias.

  11. @astrialkil Out of 195 videos that I have made and released, 3 of them you have to pay for. I’m not trying to piss anyone off. I am sorry if it did. Since the release of those 3 videos I have released 4 more free videos and I will continue to do so. In terms of the comment feature, I don’t think that’s my doing. I think that is done automatically thru youtube. I appreciate your support and passion for wanting more information on gardening and that you chose me.

  12. Oh come on patty! I just tried to watch the square foot gardening with Mel and not only is it for pay! which i didn’t even know you tube even had, but we cant comment or thumb up with out paying! Not to be too rude but that is like saying we cant comment with out paying you off. If you or you tube want to silence complaints about the cost then your just pissing on your viewers.

  13. thefluorescentgarden Reply November 26, 2011 at 10:10 pm

    great vid. very informative.

  14. Patti, feel free to send me that kit when you’re through with it. :)

  15. I recently saw a documentary “grown in detroit” and I used pay pal. They had a trailer on you tube and I got the tip from roof top farms through facebook. I thought supporting their caused cost was fine. They said “enter whatever amount you like” was cool too. How many gardening videos does one need to see? Never enough although recently expert village and all those comercialized videos are out competing the amateur ones. Garden girl has been giving us professional work for years for free

  16. @posha2009 Probably harmless mold.

  17. Hello Gardengirl, im growing some Herbs indoors, from seed. About to have a couple thousand flower seeds……… question is, I have some greenish/blueish stuuf on the top of my growing medium? What is it, and will it kill my seedlings? Is this normal? I would hate to think that this is “dampening off”………….Help!! Thank you in advance!!

  18. I’ve found a fan on gentle towards indoor sprouted seeds prepares young plants nicely for when they’ll have to put up with wind outside. That’s a nice looking light setup though I have to say.

  19. @Athenaslife Your welcome. I would like to point out that these video’s do cost money to make and without the support of viewers who learn and enjoy the work I do it is “unsustainable”.

  20. Good video… Thanks for not charging to watch it. I will not pay to watch anyones video… I feel that all videos should be free to watch on youtube.

  21. you rock ! gardengirl!

  22. Great vid – Thanks Im in NY and Im hating the snow. I’m dieing to start veggies but not sure of which to start. Your vids are very helpful thanks again

  23. Thank you for sharing all your knowledge! I love all your segments!

  24. Thank you for teaching us . I did everythign wroung hahahaha. IN the window where its cold no wonder they wont germinate okkkkkkkkkk . Knowledge is power :) amen

  25. I appreciated the images of the Amaranth plant showing the mature plant the seed will produce