Gardening Tips : How to Divide Canna Lilies

Divide canna lilies after they have bloomed by separating the roots but keeping part of the bulb in tact before replanting in quality soil and full sun. Keep…

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  1. A neighbor was giving away a trash can full of bulbs this Fall so I grabbed
    half of them. They are in HUGE clumps, so they still need split. Thanks for

  2. thank you for this video.I really don’t know how to divide them in the
    begininig ,now i learn something .however i grow my canna in the ground ,
    it is really hard to dig them out.

  3. Yolanda, thanks for your information. This year was the first time I have
    paid attention to seeds in an old flower bloom. Can these seeds be used to
    make new bulbs? Thanks in advance for any info. Linda

  4. @Linda201128 Yes, you can. You need to nick (scarify) the seeds with a file
    until you get just past the hard black outer shell. This will speed
    germination, otherwise they might not ever germinate. Soaking in water
    overnight before planting in addition to this also helps. Keep in mind that
    on a hybrid plant, seeds will not be true to mother plant, meaning you will
    either get a wild variety, or they won’t germinate at all. Propogation by
    dividing is the best bet in this case.

  5. Hi–I wanted to say THANK YOU for this video..I have been doing cannas for
    yrs, this yr I started selling them, and I found your video(just peeked on
    oine today to email to friends ) to share w. others to help them
    understand, how to seperate/store with our zone 5.. . You did a wonderful
    job with this video.. THANKS!! Have a great summer..

  6. um… you need a lesson on Canna Lillies as they do not like full hot sun
    in all places. You should try planting canna lillies in FL in full sun.
    They will all die very quickly

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