Gardening Tips – Planting Cuttings

Great money saving tips for the potting shed, including planting cuttings. Award winning garden expert Steve Brookes shares great fun and informative gardeni…
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15 Responses to “Gardening Tips – Planting Cuttings”

  1. Great video check out the cutting globe

  2. imissmypandacar Reply June 4, 2013 at 5:16 pm

    fab, love the bags.

  3. I was over watering my geranium cuttings without knowing about it until a friend directed me to this video. Now my garden’s flourishing quite nicely this summer. Thanks for the advice. I was just going to grow sweet peas there instead.

  4. Wht a teachings skills u got. Very nice

  5. very very very nice vid and explanation! like the accent, and your speed is enough not too slow not too fast thanks very much

  6. My geranium cuttings failed. But the pelargoniums are a success :) 

  7. That’s a nice shed!

  8. ahhhh baggy brilliant! My sunroom is going to be covered in these all winter!

  9. geranium cuttings are the easieest even my baby sister can….

  10. mine always wilt and die

  11. Oh I love these videos !! Thanks Steve Brooks you are awsome! :-)

  12. It was 1 part sharp SAND to one part potting soil;-)

  13. Great video, good tips. What about cuttings for trees, would that be done in the same way? I am looking for trees as I am looking to start attempting to do bonsai. But I have found myself wanting to do more!

  14. Thabks for the video Sir, I have a question about the potting soil, you’ve mentioned a mixture of 2 parts & I couldn’t make what is it? can you write it here so I & others be able to get is? Also if I got it right then teh 2nd part was sharp soil, since I am just starting with teh gardening I am not really sure what it is “sharp soil”?
    Thanks again.

  15. Awesome..I had no idea you could root cuttings in a bag and hang them up like that! Very good information to know! Well presented video packed full of great information.