Gardening Tips & Tricks : Growing Orchids Indoors

Growing orchids indoors is possible by putting them in an east-facing window, watering them with lukewarm water and wiping the leaves dry with a clean cloth….
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  1. Nice watering that will get severe crown rot 

  2. Never pour water in the center of the plan unless its hanging upside down
    on a piece of bark /cork. This way will encourage crown rot especially if
    conditions are humid.

  3. Thank you so much. I have never been able to grow an orchid. Now I have
    renewed hope of doing so!

  4. I have a nice collection of Tillandsia “ball” plants, which are doing quite
    well. Orchids are my new passion and I’m in the process of starting a
    collection. Thank you for your tips. They’re very much appreciated. :) 

  5. A little paper came with mine and it said to use 3 ice cubes to water it.
    So which way works better?

  6. id think youd use rain water instead of tap.

  7. Cheers thanks for sharing!

  8. I though that the air needed to get to the roots using a pot with
    holes…am I right? I am still confused as to the watering technique.

  9. Thank you SO much for this video! I have been trying to regrow my orchids
    but any website (even though helpful) don’t have pictures or video showing
    the steps in cutting or where to cut exactly… so thanks!

  10. more like amateurvillage

  11. My jaw just about dropped to the floor when you watered that!!! absolutely
    NEVER water a phal like that ( allowing the crown to get water in it) that
    is a sure fire way to kill one!!!

  12. @happybuddyperson why?

  13. You’re very lucky with your technique, as you must be draining off the
    plastic pot very well. The less troublesome method is to use a pot that has
    a lot of drainage holes in the bottom. This way the water drains off
    naturally and you don’t risk any root rot at the bottom!

  14. Thank you!

  15. @sunshinerythym Oncidiums are very different that the Phalaenopsis orchids
    that this ‘expert’ is talking about. These guys take more sun light, and
    like to stay more moist. Cut the spike close to the psuedobulbs, and wait
    until the produce more spikes. They can’t be reflowered from an old flower

  16. So helpful! That’s a LOT of water, but I’ll try it tha

  17. my therapist will love this. yes. i’m crazy.

  18. @lapandador You don’t pop the flowers off… They should fall off on their
    own. That is the natural way for them. In nature, there is no one that will
    randomly come to the forest and ‘pop the flowers off’ Let them fall on
    their own. As long as the spike is green and fresh, the spike has time to
    produce more buds. Think of it as “what would nature do?”

  19. So I think I need to be a bit more specific. I have very limited experience
    with orchids. The type of plants I grow come from similar conditions that
    are just as sensitive. I grow carnivores. When I had to learn about the
    plants I grow, I also had to gave basic knowledge of Orchids, It saddens me
    to see that someone is promoting to wet a house plants leaves in an area
    that is known for high humidity and poor air circulation. Wet leaves, or a
    crown that can not dry is the death of that plant.

  20. @laynegarza95 Hi! I would recommend you buy a phalaenopsis orchid, they are
    the easiest to maintain and as equally beautiful. I’ve had my orchid for
    months now (indoors) and it hasnt died but istead it has grown a new leaf
    (they grow one to two a year I think) and also a new branch! I have it in
    front of my window and water it once a week (I make sure not leave water in
    the pot) and once a month I clean its leafs with water and some cotton
    wool. That’s about it!Hope I’ve helped.

  21. Thank you for the video

  22. There is bad info all over place,

  23. this video is very helpful, I have an Oncidium which has finished flowering
    what should I do now? Should I just prune back the spike

  24. lol “if you kill it don’t take it personally” lol

  25. Great video! Thanks for the advice.