Getting Ready to Plant Seeds for My Herb and Vegetable Indoor Gardening Project Nows the time if you are wanted to extend the growing season into the fall and winter months, you can grow a few things indoors. It is fun, rewarding and great to enjoy some edibles during the long days of winter. It is best to use a soilless mix when trying to germinate seeds, prevents soil disseases, and damping off problems. Plant the seed as directed, some seeds like dark , some light to germinate, so make sure you read up and research this if need be. Use a tray , peat pots, whatever you have that will work to place the seeds into. I use a heating mat, and a 2 bulb 40 watt Fluorescent light fixture to work my seeds. Make sure the bulbs have at least 3000 lumens each.. Once the seeds have germinated I placed them directly under the lights as close as I can , and adjust the light upward as the plants grow. Water as needed, and then transplant into larger pots when needed..
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7 Responses to “Getting Ready to Plant Seeds for My Herb and Vegetable Indoor Gardening Project”

  1. @ainscough100 , I think this is great.. proud of you and hopefully more kids just like you will do the same.. happy growing my friend! :)

  2. im only twelve but i actually find it good to grow …. i grow >> tomatoe,strawberry,parsley,basli,dill,lettuce,radish,s.onion,carrots and peas :)

  3. @prairiepatch sounds great and a interesting way of growing.. good luck!

  4. I recently found you and all your great videos here on Youtube. I have really been enjoying them. You asked what we have been growing over the winter months. Instead of using seed from seed packets I went to Old Fashioned Foods and got bags of whole peas, raw sunflower seeds, buckwheat and wheat. I soak and sprout the seed for a couple of days before I plant it in the same kind of seed trays that you are using. In about ten days they are ready for eating.

  5. Post the Herbs you are growing indoors.

  6. @jude1c9v , thanks it will be fun to do, I will hopefully video my progress , good luck on your gardening too.:)

  7. good luck. I got lettuce,tomato,onion,squash… that’s it for now, unless i really get restless.