Getting started on the veggie garden! Raised beds!

First video of the spring. I’m making raised beds for the garden and adding homemade compost. Last year was a bad season from lack of nitrogen. Let’s see if adding a ton of compost changes that.

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  1. Hey fella. Loving these videos. Have you seen the back to Eden film yet? If free on the net and has some great info for growing stuff. Really worth a look if you have not seen it.

  2. If your also into fishing, my uncle taught me after cleaning the fish, bury the guts in the garden for fertilizer … a cheap two for one deal !

  3. The stress was still melting out of me back when I produced this one.

  4. Your videos are so much better nowadays! Its safe to say you picked up on some awesome video editing skills and you present yourself a lot more easy going now :)

  5. Anywhere that sells lumber

  6. Where can I get untreated lumber?

  7. Name calling is prohibited on this channel. So is a lack of humor and ability to laugh. Your negativity is not allowed here. I’m going to have to block you. Cool huh? :)

  8. thisshitrighthereee Reply August 14, 2012 at 4:09 am

    lmao so going organic is being “hippy”??? dam i started liking your videos too…… sorry i guess 28 is to old for you, peace poser

  9. thisshitrighthereee Reply August 14, 2012 at 4:47 am

    lmao so going organic is being “hippy”??? dam i started liking your videos too…… sorry i guess 28 is to old for you

  10. I don’t know man, you could be a hippy man. I’m willing to bet you have at least one Tye dye T shirt in your closet man. Power to the people.

  11. what a lovely put together piece of film, thankyou!!!! ive just made one veggie bed which im right proud of, now i must add to this, xxxx kim england x

  12. Search the word “acre” in wiki! :)

    The most obvious humor in an acre, is that people often assume that an acre, is a based upon a perfect square!

  13. An acre is around 209 feet by 209 feet. My property is 1/4 mile by 1/2 mile. That’s approximately the same square footage as 60 professional football fields. wow.

  14. How large in an Acre ??

  15. I used to grow clover and rye and turn it over for green manure. I now just mow the grass in the garden oftenm and compost that all summer and add it along with a summer’s worth of composted chicken manure to the spring garden. If my calculations are correct, by next year I should have a ch-ch-ch-Chia garden! :)

    Btw I am seriously wanting to see videos of your garden, home and chickens when you finally can upload them. You’re one of the few who does this sort of stuff that I know.

  16. Your system looks good. You really don’t need all the commercial fertilizer. The best fertillizer is in green manured dirt. It’s time released and has the full spectrum of nutrients not just NPK. I took agronmomy at u of m nearly four years. Grow a legume cover crop in one of those beds and turn it over midseason to rot until the next spring then till. That’s green manure. It’s good stuff.
    I’ve got 10′X 4′ timber planters.
    I can’t load videos on you tube for now.
    I hope they fix things.

  17. I’ll mail you the pez. I got like 50-100 of them. lol

    I’ll eat the corn. :)

  18. no, remember? i want pez!

  19. I’ll mail you some corn ok?

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  21. Hey thanks for the cool comment! You absolutely made my day! :)