GMO Seeds in My Garden? Will Lettuce Cross Pollinate? and More Gardening Q & A

John from answers your gardening questions including: Is your Garden Heirloom or is Your Work Based on GMO Seeds? Will Lettuce Seeds Cross Pollinate? What are your recommendations on Books, Websites or DVDs for Gardening? Is Seaweed a good subsititute for Rock Dust? Best Resource for when to start plants from Seeds? What Do You Mean by Feed Your Plants? Should I replace my soil in the Garden after each Season? Is Black Krim a GMO Tomato Seed? and What is GMO?
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  1. @B00MK He sure did !!!! To dumb down and make people docile! great question !

  2. One of the best ways to constantly feed your soil is to add used small amounts of used coffee grounds and tea grounds each week or two (light sprinkle). Add crushed egg shells. Have a worm farm for your kitchen waste (except meat and strong things like onion) if no compost heap. Periodically spray your plants with the diluted liquid that comes out. Excellent plant food and bug repellent.

  3. Hello John, When will you visit and do a video on Bees?? I am a beekeeper in Baltimore Md and have bees on an organic herb farm. I invite you to come visit our apiary and the organic herb farm to help educate your viewers on the importance of bees in agriculture.

  4. @growingyourgreens infinitely more harm.

  5. Does sodium fluoride damage plants/gardens? As it’s something our water companies add to the tap water, which we use to water our gardens during dry weather. (It’s a nuclear/chemical waste product, Hitler put it into the German water supplies in the 40′s). Thanks in advance!

  6. New to your video’s!! Glad to see you use NON GMO! You have a new fan!! Keep spreading the word my friend!

  7. I like these site here ” organic home gardener (om” has good tips for organic garden and “groworganic (om “

  8. Hey John, do you know if anything can be done to keep cats away from your indoor plants/starters, short of locking the plants in another room?

  9. ferrisbueller9000 Reply March 23, 2012 at 9:04 am

    Do you ship in Canada John?

  10. John – Only the best for 2012!! You are the best – was searching in 2011 for my personal path to health and wellness going forward – really comes back to high nutrient raw food – subscribed to many – unsubbed many – resubbed a few. But you – always on point – giving full energy and working hard. Love your message and integrity. Love you full stop actually – special human being doing special work. Thank you so so much for all that you do.

  11. EmancipatedSquirrel Reply March 23, 2012 at 10:44 am

    Hi John I was looking into kashi farming and even found some videos on how to increase beneficial biologicals in the soil. With kashi farming people try to increase beneficial bacteria and fungii that would help the plants and or animals to absorb more minerals. Have you tried it or looked into it? I know the methods used isolate lacto bacillus bacteria [also found in yogurt] that eats lactic acid and other beneficials that promotes growth. Love your videos keep it coming. cheers

  12. P.S. John thank you so much for giving me some great references, and calming my fears a little bit on the GMO questions I asked (relating to the Black Krim Tomatoes). I am so new and really excited, but truly want to become a suburban, residential, organic, heirloom farmer! :-D

  13. digitalseed d o t com is a really great planting schedule resource as well. Great stuff agian John!

  14. lilililililililiilii Reply March 23, 2012 at 11:16 am

    @MrMac5150 I’d like to see someone pay him to produce television shows also, the quality of John’s content is far higher than just about anything I’ve found anywhere else on the internet.

  15. @growingyourgreens Hi John, thanks for the videos you really inspire me! Look on w w w elance dot com for someone to make your website for a great price, its a great resource, Happy New Year

  16. had to pause and rewind a few times to make sure I heard right and keep from laughing too much as always very informative thank you and Happy New Years.

  17. 2:02 our parents met and they cross pollinated. aw how sweet :)

  18. Thank you so much for your videos. I’m learning so much from you. Have a happy new year and keep the videos coming.

  19. YOur funniest quote ever “hanky panty is definitely a good thing” And no hanky panky with the ducks

  20. Happy New Year John, I just looked on your discountjuicers site your omega is less than half price of what we just payed in Malaysia!

  21. Thnx so much John, i really appreciate your awnser to my question about the seaweed,,, Ill definatly be trying it out this summer and maybe composting a huge heap for next year…. Thnx again, Evan.

  22. silversunflower2525 Reply March 23, 2012 at 3:17 pm

    thanks for posting….i did not know about GMO. I would often hear other gardeners talk about their seeds are not GMOs. Did not know that they r so dangerous too. I have seen most of your videos, my children would say oh no not John again…lols i like it when I can learn something new. i spend lots of time in the garden and permaculture sections on youtube, I also have a small garden and hope to reach at a stage where i can grow most of my own vegetables.

  23. good stuff!!!

  24. So John would these worms go at the roots of the plant if I put them in WITH the plant and partially composted mix or would it be fine to have them in there and they won’t trouble the roots?

  25. growingyourgreens Reply March 23, 2012 at 4:51 pm

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