Greenhouse Construction Plans for a Double 18″ Wide Vegetable Garden

How to build a 00 greenhouse for a fraction of the cost and be able to grow your vegetables too. This garden cover will extend your gardening season by t…

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  1. Another excellent video, thank you. Have you considered heating the green house with a Solar Furnace?

  2. Are the 4x4s safe for food i know that pressure treated wood has chemicals.

  3. what type of a set up would requmend for hot dry climate zone 9a 100° & only 5″ of rain a year shade cloth and misters ?

  4. my question is How Much did it cost …. if it was suppose to be a 1000 dollar but realy how much did it cost …
    what price range are we looking at
    thank you

  5. By having them in the bed it leaves a nice open isle between the rows and provides great support.

  6. The best plastic to use is 6 mil greenhouse plastic because it has UV protection and will last several years. This plastic is 6 mil plastic from home depot. It will last maybe one or two years. It will end up costing more because it will have to be replace more but it was all the home owner could get at the time.

  7. It is in contact with the pvc. That is what helps support it. There is no wearing at all from it.

  8. I like the inside better because the plastic will not wear on the PVC like it does when it is on the outside. The pipe is 3″ shorter being on the inside.

  9. You are correct. This is in Utah.

  10. LDSP: where is this? Not many mountains in Houston as I recall…

  11. Another great job, noticed the change for the 45% angle brackets to the inside of the 2×4, is the pipe still 7′ long? Looks like this change would wear better on the plastic.

  12. The metal strapping that you used to attach to the furring strip, is that not in contact with the plastic, and if so, will that not cause a tear?

  13. Nice job! We may have to try this. I am however because I found out you just did a gardening class near my home and I missed it because I didn’t know you were coming here. Sad face… Please think about letting people know about upcoming classes so we don’t miss out on meeting you and learning from you face to face.

  14. What kind of plastic did you use?

  15. aussiegirlonamission Reply September 27, 2013 at 4:06 pm

    I really love this. Great Job !! Thanks for sharing :)

  16. Why did you put the 4×4′s in the bed?

  17. What a great job! Very well designed, economical, and something a do-it-yourselfer can do. I appreciate your how-to videos and, although not a “prepper” in the true sense, do what I can to be prepared. Thanks again. Mike

  18. Outstanding!

  19. Excellent as always… I particularly like your pointer starting at 1:30…
    looks like a video game :)

  20. This is awesome. Thank you!

  21. Robb's Homemade Life Reply September 27, 2013 at 7:08 pm

    I am impressed. a lot of thought went into this design. I am a tightwad and don’t see how I could have made it better or cheaper and loved the loops in the string to roll up the sides, plus the attachment of the pvc rafters was very practical. This video would have made me a subscriber if I was not one allready

  22. That’s it.. I need you to come help me.. My husband has a really bad hip and can’t work like I do.. I’m currently building a PVC frame over my garden to help protect the soil from the hot summers in our area.. Please.. I’m really having a hard time building this, and it looks like I have to tear it donw and start over.. ~:{

  23. Great video, very informative n detailed. Inspiring! Thanks!

  24. This not my garden. I also don’t have a swimming pool. My garden is 3500 square feet of grow boxes.

  25. This structure is for extending your growing season by getting plants into the ground sooner and leaving them longer by protecting them from cold weather but it is also the Mittleider vertical growing method. You can triple your production by growing vertically, even without the plastic or fabric. Something to consider.