Grilling Tomatoes

Chef Jason Hill of shares his recipe for Grilling Tomatoes in this episode of “Chef Tips.” Grilled tomatoes are delicious on e…
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  1. “helping cops solve homicides or something…” lol…

  2. Do more videos with jack scalfani or something. 

  3. it would go nice beside chutney

  4. 1:40 whats up with the dog

  5. The story of my Birth.

  6. I would eat as is!

  7. really nice!

  8. Jason, what was the approximate temperature of your gas grill? The recipe
    looks fantastic!

  9. Looks awesome!! I think I am going to try to marinate a few in your
    marinade and then confit them in duck fat.. Damn I’m getting hungry!! They
    look great!!

  10. Why the flare up ? Is it because tomatoes are waxed ?

  11. I can’t remember what it cost. It is a Costco brand. Stainless steel
    through out.

  12. Thank you!!

  13. HE IS BACK!

  14. DIXIECONFEDERATEDAWG Reply June 27, 2014 at 10:03 am


  15. Just made the marinade, sliced the romas and patiently waiting out the
    hour…maybe I’ll let them soak for 2. Can’t wait to taste the
    results…will follow up a little later this evening. Planing on grilling
    up some burgers this evening with the grilled tomato and some mozzarella
    just like in your video…Yummmm!! Stay tuned! :-)

  16. cowloverification Reply June 27, 2014 at 11:47 am

    What is kosher salt? Great vids;)

  17. Excellent!! Thank You! :) Got me thinking of grillin these lil guys up and
    have some grilled homemade salmon patties along side. Sweet! PS.. Can I
    ‘borrow yer grill’? Mine sucks – Lol!!!

  18. Thanks for tubin in

  19. Ha ha! Yes, it is just out of habit.

  20. How would you make these without an outdoor grill? Grillpan? Oven?

  21. @123matt567 Thanks for the comment. Yes, we are going to make more of an
    effort to get more videos up. We’re almost done with the repairs to our
    house following the fire last summer, so hopefully that won’t be hanging
    over our heads anymore. Thanks! Jason

  22. You’re great. You really make me want to chase my dream in becoming a chef.

  23. Love tomatoes…and this looks great. The dog quick edit made me
    laugh…great job. Three questions: Why do you seed them? Why does it flare
    up? Could you do these on a panini grill indoors? Thanks again for a yummy
    well done video! cheers dave m

  24. You got to try this on a roll with grilled chicken ,slice avacodo, baby
    spinach and mayo.So good. enjoy.

  25. @Jairzinho121 everyone have different style of cooking , don’t be mean .